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The Open Camera application allows Pixel 4 to record videos in 4k at 60 fps

A few days ago I published an article where I showed you the reasons that Google had taken into account for not offering the possibility of recording videos in 4k at 60 fps in Pixel 4. According to the search giant, most users record in 1080 and not 4k, mainly due to the space they occupy a minute in 4k at 6o fps: 500 MB.

Many are the manufacturers of smartphones that today allow record videos in 4k quality at 60 fps, although if we are sincere, the quality they offer is not the best we can find today in the market, everything must be said. However, if one of the reasons to buy the Pixel 4 fell apart by this option, there is a solution with Open Camera.

The free Open Camera app allow record videos in 4k quality at 60 fps. To make use of this resolution, you just have to click on the gearwheel located in the upper left corner and select this resolution. This application not only works on the Pixel, but we can also install it on any device.

That, before starting to record all videos in 4k quality you have to take into account the space they will occupy on our device, the main factor that Google says does not offer this option from the native application.

In addition, depending on which terminal you install, the quality of the videos can leave a lot to be desired, especially if the terminal is not managed by any of the Qualcomm's most powerful processors currently available in the market.

We must first take into account before using third-party applications that if Google itself does not offer the possibility of recording videos in 4k at 60 fps it will be because it has not been able to offer the minimum quality that can be demanded from a high-end terminal.

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