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the most random randomness at the cost of a turtle

Do you want a game random? Do you want Goku to be in it? And turtles? If it's a yes to everything, in addition to going to a doctor you must play Super Toss The Turtle.

About tastes in video games, There is nothing written. There is literally everything: visual aberrations, works of art like LIMBO and … then there is Super Toss The Turtle, the game of which I have the misfortune the honor of speaking to you. One of my favorite genres when playing a title is the "Random." The random, the supermum of absurdity … I make no sense. And this Super Toss The Turtle nails it, and flat. Literally.

I will only say some elements that we will find in this "curious" game: turtles, skewers, canyons, bombs, to Goku (yes, to Goku) and others. Oh, and nuclear bombs. Although we must warn you something: this game is something bloody and yes it is true that there are parts that are not very pleasant to see. Keep that in mind, please. Notices remain. And your minds too.

Super Toss The Turtle: throw a turtle in the air, and wait to see what happens

Super Toss The Turtle: the most random randomness at the cost of a turtle

OK. How do I explain now what Super Toss The Turtle is about? Well, I'll say it bluntly. You take a turtle (or a panda, a flower, a ninja …) and throw it with an absurdly ugly device. You must go through the greatest possible distance overcoming obstacles. You have a weapon to shoot and propel you up and you can help yourself with everyday and normal objects like nuclear bombs, cocacola bottles or thrusters. And grace is in what you find yourself by the way. It's that hard.

Super Toss The Turtle: the most random randomness at the cost of a turtle

The limits are … in The pinchos. Why? Because if you get something that has skewers, the career is over. And well, because the variety of events that can happen to you while you fly tied to a bottle of cola go from which Goku catches you and "busts you" until a flying saucer abducts you. All this at an astronomical speed and seasoned with the gentle pleasure of watching your character shoot you with a hunting rifle and go up to the skies. Let's not forget the pumps and other utensils To rise to the heavens And how do you get them? Well, the further you get, the more fresh money you get. If you arrive alive, of course …

Super Toss The Turtle is the perfect mix between a Cartoon Network invention and a Tarantino movie

The level of brutality which reaches our "arsenal" is increasing, as we get further and further. The bizarre manda, and we can acquire from World War II cannons to giant crossbows, and even harpoons. Everything goes in order to make our dear character reach the skies. In the literal sense.

Super Toss The Turtle: the most random randomness at the cost of a turtle

But if our protagonist were only a turtle, he would lose some grace (or not?). We can acquire shells, that with them we can unlock a wide range of characters ranging from pandas to dinosaurs, ninjas and other characters. We have up a rose. Every game gets better with roses. We will be collecting our shells well because yes (yes) or watching ads. Because yes, this game is class freemium. You can buy items in your store with real currency, although we must say something: it is quite easy «Break the game» Without making use of our portfolio.

Super Toss The Turtle: the most random randomness at the cost of a turtle

Although not all are smiles and happiness in Super Toss The Turtle. It has certain details that are quite improvable, and although some are somewhat simple, others not so much. To start, the game is not everything well optimized that we would like, so in addition to needing a device with some power, your device may overheating. Another quite flagrant fault and that particularly bothers me, is the translation.

Super Toss The Turtle is translated into Spanish … with Google Translate.

It is clear that they have translated the game with Google Translator, without even standing on the logic that can enclose that sentence. The truth is that in that sense, the game is a eye pain considerable and we would prefer that it had been in English, since thus our sense of reading would not be so damaged. It is a jerk of ears, although a while with the game makes you forget "partially" the matter.