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The most futuristic and customizable launcher for your Android: Arc

How not to love the Android customization If we can give our phones the look that we really want. For this there is a key tool: the launcher or launcher, a layer for the appearance of the device that completely changes its appearance. With this in mind, do you want your Android to enjoy a futuristic style and with a certain minimalism?

Arc launcher It is an application that has been updated recently, further improving the possibilities it already had. Released in March 2018, and after many changes and new options, Arc launcher is a mature and 100% recommended application. Especially if you do not like the usual and want new airs for your mobile.

This launcher is quite extreme, so do not expect an air to Android stock: its futuristic cut gets the desks to call attention to the second. Circular style for the elements on the screen, possibility to see at a glance the operation of the system, quick click connectors? And much more: the options of Arc Launcher are varied and very numerous.

Arc Launcher, a powerful interface with a unique style

The most futuristic and customizable launcher for your Android: Arc

As we said, the Android launcher we are talking about allows you to completely transform any smartphone giving it a futuristic touch; without losing the most basic interface: that is comfortable, simple to configure and, above all, that offers the essentials at a glance. Arc Launcher fully meets the above aspects.

The most futuristic and customizable launcher for your Android: Arc

If we talk about appearance, Arc offers several themes included with which to change the appearance of the Home. Colors to customize, different structures for the central block that gives access to the application options, we can vary the shortcuts creating different circular shapes … And it has something that is not usual in launchers: a personal assistant which is responsible for executing actions in Arc Launcher asking for them with the voice. Of course, this is only found in English; unlike the rest of the app, which is in Spanish.

The most futuristic and customizable launcher for your Android: Arc

Since it's almost mandatory on Android, Arc Launcher is a free application that has ads. These leave between the settings and also appear while using the mobile. As a launcher, Arc is asking for access to a lot of permissions; something that always sows doubts for more than the developers assure that they do not take any data. And as it is also mandatory, the application offers full use without ads to who buy the app Pro. 2.99 euros worth.

A complete launcher with a radically different style

We really liked the proposal of Arc launcher even if there are better options when it comes to this type of apps. However, in its radical aspect it has its best value: if you want a different mobile Arc is your launcher.