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The League of Legends for Android: we analyze Arena of Valor

The MOBA genre is booming, that's a fact. In Android we did not have a representative at the height … until now, we present Arena of Valor.

The letters MOBA, if you don't know them, you have been hidden in a cave or you have made a mistake on the web. Jokes aside, we are facing one of the genres that more players, passions, money, etc … move today.

I must confess that I have never played a game of this genre, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, in other words, online games in which another team is fought on a stage. What I do know is that LoL is the banner of this genre.

A game enjoyed by computer users, however on Android we didn't enjoy a game at your height and maybe we are before the candidate to be … or not?

Tenzen, game developer, own Riot Games, LoL developers

Arena of Valor

I have told you before that I am not a player of this type of games, all I know is that it literally moves the masses. So let's say I arrive without any poisoning or prejudice. Let us begin!

Once downloaded and installed the game, which is a quite large download. When executing it for the first time we must have some patience since it carries out a process of adjustments and others.

Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, we started well

In this «load» screen I find the First surprise, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, see my eyes. A quick read about the game's features clears my doubts. Among the cast of characters we have enough of the DC universe.

Super Heroes in a MOBA, a pleasant surprise

Graphically up

The detail of the heroes is of a high level

A question comes to mind as soon as you enter the first game Computer graphics in my pocket? It is what we have in front of our eyes, good 3D graphics, full of effects, that take you to a time when the games had their charm.

The detail of our hero or heroine is quite high, even at low levels of detail, which along with well-achieved animations make us enter the game fully.

And that is a good detail for a game of this type, to avoid that we are thinking that the graphics are "shabby", is something we forget about a stroke and focus on looking for our rival.

We have different quality levels and adjustments in the graphic section, so we can play on most devices without having a negative gaming experience.