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the great Microsoft task manager

In ActualApp always We test all apps before talking about them. Some once published the article disappear from our terminals and others remain forever. The protagonist of this article is in the second group. Therefore, we encourage you to download To Do, to improve your day to day.

And most of us have a thousand and one things to do daily. If we do not use our terminal, a notebook or two hundred post it It is impossible to remember everything. The app that we present today has, in our eyes, everything we need to ask a task manager.

Microsoft's To Do is a simple, effective and very intuitive app

There are some companies that think that the more complete a better app. This is not necessarily true. It also has to take into account the user experience. As you can imagine this at Microsoft they know and the truth is that they have taken a spectacular service out of their sleeve.

Why do you recommend downloading To Do? Well, very simple because unlike other platforms it allows you to design your day to day. That is, you can create different thematic lists and put in them a lot of pending tasks. So far nothing original.

But then we have a section in which We can select the ones we want to do today. This is very useful because you can mix work tasks, with other personal or ndole tasks we want. Once we complete them we mark them as done and they disappear from all the lists. If we finish the day and have some pending, they return to their respective lists. It's great.

download to do

Download To Do is totally free

One of the great strengths of this application is that it is available for all platforms. We have it for both Android and iOS, but it also has its version for Windows and macOS. Obviously all versions are synchronized and we can add tasks or mark them as completed on both the mobile and the computer.

As we always do next we will leave you the links to download To Do and install the app on your mobile. To do so, just that pulsis about the Google Play or App Store icon, depending on your operating system. Ah go.

download to do

download to do

What do you think? Do you use any other task manager? The truth is that we strongly recommend To Do. For us it is the one that best responds to our needs. But as always we would love to hear your opinion. Long live Microsoft!