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The Google Assistant is fully integrated into Google Maps

The Google assistant is undoubtedly the future of the company. Not only is it being integrated into different hardware devices, but it is also being integrated into software applications and services. It is normal, it is a powerful combination of application control mechanism and integration with Google searches.

In Google I / O 2018 the company of Sundar Pichai announced numerous improvements for both the assistant and Google Maps, and one of them, which happened somewhat unnoticed, was the best integration between both platforms.

This update is already beginning to reach some users, although it may be a first phase of expansion. Of course, it is not necessary to install beta versions or do anything unusual to test it, if Google has enabled your account on the server, something that goes slowly.

Better control of the assistant in Google Maps

As you can see in the screenshots, the assistant is integrated by replacing the current microphone to perform searches, in the upper right corner.

In addition, when we press it, or when we say "OK, Google" the listening screen is limited to the lower strip where the destination data, estimated arrival time, etc. are. In no case overlaps navigation, so that we don't lose sight of our journey.

As you know, Google Maps has two interfaces, one that it uses during the day and the other at night, with darker colors. This will cause the background of the wizard zone to change between black and white depending on the interface that is activated.

When we execute a command, it will be carried out without leaving the application, we have already called someone, put music or sent a message. Currently, if we do any of these tasks, the application changes to the one we start using and the Google Maps window is minimized using the PIP option that Android has.

We expected this function to be launched in summer but some delays have arisen. Hopefully, it will gradually reach all users without having to do anything.