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The Galaxy Fold is sold out and AT&T experiences shipping delays


Sarah Tew / CNET

Samsung started presale of its first folding cell phone, the Galaxy Fold, this Monday, April 15. However, if you did not take the opportunity to book one, it may already be a bit late.

Editor's Note: On April 22, Samsung announced that it will postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold device in the United States, scheduled for April 26. "We plan to announce the new release date in the coming weeks," he said. Some problems with the screen are the reasons given by the company for the postponement. We will update this article when Samsung unveils the new release date.

Apparently, the Galaxy Fold units that were going to be sold online on the South Korean company's website have already been sold out, Android Central reported on Wednesday, April 17. This means that there are no more units of the $ 1,980 phone that you can order in advance through the Samsung website.

In addition to Samsung, consumers can also go online to AT&T to take advantage of pre-sale. However, it is also a difficult road since AT&T has warned at this time that deliveries of the folding model are delayed and will not receive the Galaxy Fold until, at least, on June 3.

Even people who had booked the cell phone directly with Samsung on April 12 are receiving emails from the South Korean manufacturer saying that the company has no stocks "due to the unexpected demand," according to Android Central.

The good thing is that due to high demand, Samsung will be able to manufacture more; The bad thing, however, is that it takes longer than expected to get it.

Another possibility to get the Galaxy Fold is T-Mobile, which starts selling it online at midnight on Friday, April 26 (Eastern time, and 9 p.m. Pacific time), in addition to planning to have units in stores that same April 26. T-Mobile has a list on its website of all the stores that will have the Fold on April 26 – but arrive early to buy one.

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