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The classic battles between heroes and monsters arrive with Knight Fever

What better than today to return to swords, monsters, pixels and MIDI music? Knight Fever brings us all that in a game in which we can be heroes.

Classic games have found a second life on our phones. In addition to not being limited to a console and being able to play them anywhere, we can remember classic concepts and mechanics. Something great to have a good time with classic games.

And today we bring you one of those games that remind us of the classics of before. A game that brings us swords, pixelated graphics, monsters and heroes. An adventure as God commands. And we can play it anywhere thanks to simple vertical controls.

Knight Fever: monsters and pixels everywhere

Knight Fever puts us in the shoes of four heroes that we must control. The objective is clear the monster map using the usual weapons and the super skills Of the characters. Grace comes with the game system: the map is four vertical lanes, and we can make the characters jump from lane to lane.

The game uses user registration, although we can streamline the process using our Google Play or Facebook account. Control is as simple as possible thanks to the use of gestures, and it is not difficult to manage more than one hero at the same time. The bad thing is that we need cookies to play adventures. We can buy cookies with internal currency, and that's where we can spend real money.

Knight Fever is available for free on Google Play. Includes ads and payments within the application that reach up to ? 100.