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the best applications to open, edit and more

The PDF is a format with which we work regularly. Every time we use it more on our Android phone, so we need tools that help us when working with it. Either to be able to open files in this format, as to be able to carry out modifications in it.

To do this, we can make use of applications to manage PDF on our Android device. Thanks to them we can work easily with the PDF format, both to open this type of files, and when carrying out editing tasks. Next we have prepared a selection with the best applications that we are currently.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Android PDF Manager

This application is one of the most complete options today. A PDF editor and reader that provides a multitude of functions to work with files in this format. Among the functions they offer we find read, write down, sign, fill out forms or sync with Dropbox and Google Drive.

It stands out for having a light and intuitive interface, which allows you to navigate smoothly between files with this format. Editing the PDF is something simple, and we can write, underline text or highlight it, among other possibilities. Another fundamental characteristic in this case is the possibility of filling out forms and signing documents. Something that every good PDF manager for Android should have.

This PDF manager for Android can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. It is an application that has no purchases or ads inside, resulting in a much more comfortable use for users.


Another of the best known PDF managers that we find for Android. In this case we have two different versions of the application. On the one hand there is the free version, with which we can only open and read files in PDF format. But, It also has a paid version, thanks to which we have access to many other functions.

The main purpose of this application is to sign PDF documents, although it is not the only function we have available. It also offers the possibility to personalize your identification card, add texts, create your own digital signature, etc. This makes it a very complete application when working with this format.

Its design has evolved over time. It?s now much easier to use, thanks to a more intuitive design, which allows us to get the most out of the functions it offers us. If you need it for professional use, the paid version will allow you to squeeze it to the fullest.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

We finish the list with the best known PDF manager in the market, which surely many use in their computer version. It also exists in the form of an Android application, where we have the same functions. Like the previous manager, we have a paid version in which we find a series of additional functions.

Thanks to this application we can open and read PDF files, make annotations, share, fill out forms, print files, export in other formats, combine files to create a PDF, sign documents and many more. In short, a very versatile tool that will meet our needs.

The design does not present too many complications, since it is largely very similar to the computer program. As expected, some aspects have been adapted for the Android application. Although they are not aspects that will have an influence on the experience of using it. As we have said, we have a free and paid version of this application. The payment gives us more functions, perfect for professional use.