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The best Android smartphones for seniors

Searching for a device for an older user is usually a different task than usual. These types of users are usually accustomed to a type of device and the changes are not usually simple. So you have to find what suits you best.

Within the universe of Android devices we find devices designed specifically for older people. We also find devices that can be adapted in a simple way to these users, in addition to finding some ?always? devices.

A renewed classic: no smartphones

There are those who resist leaving their old device, the type of user that the jump to a smartphone can produce more problems than solutions. Thinking about them, we have decided to make two special mention renovated classics.

We are talking about the classic Nokia that have recently rescued from the past. Devices that maintain the essence of its origins, but with details of modern devices, the ideal choice to replace that old button phone.

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

One of the revolutions at the marketing level of the new Nokia, making all the focus points to the company in the MWC last year. Once time has passed and seeing its affordable price, it is positioned as a recommended option.

Whether as an "emergency" device or for those users who do not quite understand that of the touch screen, this Nokia 3310 represents the best of one of the most mythical devices in the industry. For call and messages, is more than solvent.

Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8110 4G

For those who look a little more style and one more step of modernity, they have in this renewed Nokia 8110 the mix between the classic and the modern. Humble, but solvent hardware is hidden under its aspect for the software it uses.

The operating system inside is supported by Google, among other major industry. For what you will enjoy more advanced applications, regarding what we can find in the Nokia 3310. A device of the usual, renewed inside.

Solvents with a good experience

Those who look for one more up-to-date experience and don't be afraid to use a touch screen, we bring you two options that meet the basic requirements. Durable devices, a screen with good visibility, long battery life and a good user experience.

Motorola Moto E5

Moto E5

The Motorola E range has evolved a lot since that first member a few years ago. Today we can enjoy a balanced device, which offers what is necessary to have a pleasant user experience and enjoys a eternal battery for an average user.

We are facing one of those devices that you do not feel that you will fall short in two days, always talking about a basic user. It has a more or less recent version of Android and its screen has a size that provides a good vision without too much effort.