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Thanks to this website you can verify if a Black Friday offer is really worth it before buying

Black Friday is just around the corner, and during the next week the offers rain in all kinds of products it will bomb us all. If you are one of those who buy online you will not be missing options, but that does not mean that they are all worth it.

The most cautious compare prices online before clicking on buy, which is that As much as something says "offer" on the label, this does not mean that it is really discounted. This is where the Bid Verifier website comes in.

This page was created by the Murcian company Minderes, specialized in offering companies a price tracking service. But if you are a simple user who wants Know the price history of the products they sell in your favorite online stores in Spain, you can also count on them.

The best offers in software, VPN and courses in the week before Black Friday 2019

Like Keepa, but with Spanish stores

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Some of our readers may know tools such as Keepa, one of the best browser extensions we can use to review the price history of a product on Amazon and find out if we are paying the best offer to avoid being cheated.

Well, the web of works in a similar way, but throughout 500 websites monitored in Spain. Ah you can check price history on sites like FNAC, El Corte Ingls, PcComponentes, MediaMarkt, the same Amazon Spain and more.

Offers Prices Black Friday 2019

You just have to enter the web and paste the full link of the product that interests you. The page show you the price history from May 2019 to the present. You are also shown a summary with the average price, the highest price, the lowest price, and the last one.

So you can know if an offer is such and if it is really worth it, or it is one of those "offers" that only add a discount of a price that had already inflated before Black Friday. Definitely an excellent resource to have on hand before buying anything online.

         Thanks to this website you can verify if a Black Friday offer is really worth it before buying