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Square Enix launch another Final Fantasy XV for Android, this time based on the original game

After the controversy caused by Final Fantasy XV for Android, the company has decided to launch another Final Fantasy XV game. This new title would be based on the original title, or at least it would allow us to enjoy the original story.

Final Fantasy XV for Android, this time for real

A few months ago we witnessed the arrival of Final Fantasy XV. What initially was exciting, quickly became disappointment, and this new game was nothing more than the typical mediocre strategy game in which they put the characters of Final Fantasy XV (postscript, if you want a Final Fantasy of strategy, play Final Fantasy Tactics).

During Gamescom, Square Enix wanted to solve it by launching (in addition to Final Fantasy XV for PC) an edition for mobile devices. This version is called Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and stands out for being a game much more faithful to the original title, with some differences, though.

This mobile version is very small at the graphic level, since it has had to be adapted to the power of the current mid-range mobiles (much less than a console), the game controls and combat system are also adapted to the screens tactile, so it remains an inferior experience to the original game, but at least it is enjoyable.

What does not seem to be cut will be the history of the game, and it seems that in this mobile version we can play the almost complete story of the original title. Regarding the price, details are not yet known, but it will be a game distributed in 10 chapters, in which only the first one will be free, while for the rest of the chapters we will have to pay a micropayment, although we do not believe that it will be a game too affordable. Without having a specific presentation date, it seems that it will arrive at the end of the year.