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Samsung delays the launch of the Galaxy Fold in the United States


One of the benefits that the Galaxy Fold promises is to be able to use several apps at the same time with its folding screen.

Angela Lang / CNET

The bad news continues to gather for him Galaxy Fold of Samsung, which already by itself it had been a very bad week after three unrelated screen problems left unusable early production units.

A spokesman for Samsung, in an email to CNET in Spain, confirmed that the launch of the device in the United States, scheduled for April 26, will be postponed. "We plan to announce the new release date in the coming weeks," he said.

Also, the launch events in Hong Kong and Shanghai of the new folding telephone were postponed, according to The Wall Street Journal. The events were originally scheduled for April 23 and 24, respectively. In turn, the launch event scheduled for Wednesday 24 in Madrid, Spain, was also postponed on Monday morning and a new date for the presentation was not offered.

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The Samsung spokesman said the company is working to make its devices offer the best customer experience. "The initial findings of the inspection by the reports of problems on the screen showed that they could be associated with impact on the exposed areas of the hinge at the top and bottom. Also, in one instance substances were found within the device that affected screen operation ".

Incidents with the phone's plastic screen have caused fuss among lovers of Internet technology
, raising the doubt of the durability of the new Samsung device that costs US $ 2,000 and, in general, about the concept of folding phones.

The bad run of the Galaxy Fold began last Wednesday, two days after having distributed a small number of phones for review to specialized media, including CNET. In unrelated cases, it was reported that in the undulation or folding of the screen, a kind of bubble appeared that could indicate that the screen would have come off. In another case, it was reported that the screen was broken and that it could not be used, after one of the halves of the internal screen began to blink until it turned off completely.

The Galaxy Fold unit that CNET has used for its review remains in good condition and we have been in contact with the South Korean company regarding reports of screen problems. Samsung did not respond to a request for comment on the alleged delays in phone launches globally.

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