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review, price and features of the smallest mobile

palm phone in the street

Although it has been a year since its official release to the market it has been during these last months of 2019 when the Palm Phone has begun to be seen in our country, especially thanks to the update of rates of the two operators that market it in Spain as MediaMarkt.

At a time when users are increasingly sensitive to the call technological disconnection, it is appreciated a proposal as unique as that of Palm. We tested a mobile different to everything what we have seen so far: compact, sophisticated and of a tiny size. A smartphone that in turn has little smartphone. Let's see why!

Palm phone Specifications
Dimensions 50.6 X 96.6 X 7.4mm mm 62.5 grams weight
screen 3.3 ? LCD
Resolution and density HD Display / 445 ppi
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 Octa-Core CPU
Storage 32 GB non expandable
OS Android 8.1
Cameras 12MP rear with 8MP front flash
Battery 800 mAh
Others IP68 certification with dust and water resistance, Gorilla Glass
Colors Available in black and gold
Departure date October 2018
Starting price 399 euros

The best of Palm Phone

Construction and design

Being honest, the Palm Phone, "Grabs with pleasure" . Thanks to its small size, one experiences the indescribable sensation of being able to enclose the device with the fist, something that, so that we understand each other well, It is a joyful song. And the terminal is surprisingly strong, and although it has a weight that is noted despite its size, the device feels comfortable and balanced. In addition, we must add to the experience all those details that Palm has wanted to take care of in the construction of the device, putting the focus on a minimalist aesthetics and of sober elegance. All this makes, in principle, one of those terminals that you can use quietly no cover. And although Palm makes available to users a whole series of accessories to maximize the user experience, personally, I do not find the covers as something of first necessity for the Palm Phone.

Built in aluminum and high resistance glass (incorporates Gorilla Glass and IP68 resistance to dust and water), the Palm Phone barely weighs 62 grams and a half. A ridiculous figure compared to the almost 160 grams of the Huawei P30 Lite or the 175 grams of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. About its size, Yes, it's as tiny as it seems. To understand us, the Palm Phone reduces almost 40% the usual size of the average smartphone, being approximately the size of a credit card.

Also on the outside, and partly given its "simple smartphone" features, the Palm Phone has only one USB-C connector and a single button, the ignition. On its back, we find only the logo of the brand and the camera, with the lens and flash almost in perfect symmetry. As you can see, its construction is at the service of its minimalism.

Palm Phone Featured Rear

Maximum functionality in ?mini? size

One of the most pleasant surprises that I have taken, has been to realize how, in just a couple of minutes, the Palm Phone is able to challenge any expectation or preconceived idea about its size, putting in its place a ?manazas? like This server. It handles especially well with one hand and as long as you keep a very basic use from the terminal the experience will be highly satisfactory, in addition, we must bear in mind that with Google Assistant and certain fast actions, the experience improves even more. On its unlocking, as it does not have a fingerprint reader, the easiest, leaving aside pin and patterns, is to use the easy unlock own device, which is quite comfortable in most situations (it is not Face ID).

A mobile capable of everything but with a very specific objective

Entering something more on the subject, except that sometimes you notice something hotter than normal (especially when viewing content or playing), the Palm Phone birthday to spare With the fluency requirements we can ask a mobile for his style and price. And although it does justice to its 3GB of RAM and the Snapdragon processor, keep in mind that only 32GB Internal storage and no, the Palm Phone has no room for microSD card.

At this point and given our experience of use, we must make a note to clarify that the Palm Phone is not a normal mobile. Although it may be contradictory, it is important to keep in mind that it is a device designed to use little. And I emphasize this aspect because if you are thinking of using it as a normal mobile, it is likely that you finish scalded. We talk about "maximum functionality" within that specific use for which the Palm Phone is intended.

the Palm Phone on a wooden table

In that sense, one is really aware the small size of the Palm Phone (3.3 inches) and the lack thereof precisely when trying to "raise the level." The Palm Phone It is not the mobile you are looking for if you plan to consume audiovisual content without moderation (Netflix, YouTube), guasapear more than the account (the audios do not count) or give Mario Kart Tour down for more than two bus stops. For the rest, yes, it is a small mobile, very small, but if you are part of that public for whom the Palm Phone is intended, you really won't even notice.

And what about your cameras? Well, a few lines below you will find a small sample of their capabilities, but as you can imagine they are nothing from the other world. The Palm Phone has a main camera with 12MP flash and an 8MP front camera … and little else (be careful, it's not necessary either). With a single main lens and no portrait mode, the Palm Phone camera has a strong point simple and practical interface, aligned with what would be expected of a device like this.

On his performance, personally I have noticed, naturally, a leap back when compared to the camera of Pixel 3a, my current device. However, and above all if the light accompanies, The results are pretty decent, achieving in some cases a sharpness that achieves surprise for good. If we forget that the front camera suffers somewhat more than is due in unfavorable conditions, I am not at all dissatisfied with the results, especially if I think about the tiny size of the Palm Phone and the dull skies of Galicia.