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Review of the Suaoki G1000, the world's most powerful charger

review charger suaoki g1000 2

Review of the Suaoki G1000, the world's most powerful charger

"The Suaoki G1000 comes equipped with 4 AC outlets that support a maximum power of up to 2000W, and can keep 4 laptops powered at once."

  • Superior capacity.

  • Power that seems to have no end.

  • Multiple ports and plugs that can be used at the same time.

  • It recharges and is ready to use in 7 hours.

  • It weighs too much to qualify as portable.

  • Its price is high, if you are going to use it espordicamente.

In Latin America we all know what we mean when we use the expression of the beast: it is a product, an action, or even an attitude that takes things far beyond what is provided or measured, these last qualities that usually also define normality . But let's note: it is not necessarily about performance: What is below average is classified as disappointing and of low quality; What exceeds our expectations receives our qualifications of excellence. What is the beast Because it has to qualify in another league.

The SUAOKI G1000 portable charger plays the title in the Champions League of those products that go further in terms of size and performance. We will also add expectations, since it is true that the expression of the beast also usually refers to something done without care or delicacy. And this is clearly not the case.

review charger suaoki g1000 7Daniel Matus / Digital Trends

Why would you want a loader that weighs 23 kilos and costs more than $ 1,200 dollars? Citizens who never leave the asphalt and that we are far from an outlet or plug only two or three days a year as much we will answer that for nothing. But of course: Luckily not everyone is like us. And if you're going on a hike for several days, or even if you live in a place whose electrical network has never been reliable, the SUAOKI G1000 will be a real blessing.

Properly retailers and distributors set aside the term charger and go on to define it as a power station, given name so that people do not confuse them with a generator, which is what most physically resembles. But of course: the SUAOKI G1000 receives and delivers its load in total silence, something that no generator in the world can do.

How does it work?

You will never run out of juice: we guarantee that. This high capacity power supply has a huge capacity of 1182.72Wh (3.2A / 369,600 mAh, 44.8V / 26,400 mAh). With this reservation you can load multiple smart phones, tablets, laptops and more. All at once, and more than once. There is even no problem in using it indoors to power general appliances such as a microwave, a mini refrigerator or a fan, as we did in our offices.

review charger suaoki g1000 1Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

Indeed, its portable design makes the G1000 perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Have you ever lost your light in the middle of a job that you have not saved on your computer? To us too. The SUAOKI G1000 has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which makes it 100% immune to power outages. As a result, it is the perfect emergency backup power supply for the home, office or outside.

review charger suaoki g1000 4Daniel Matus / Digital Trends

The G1000 supports 5 USB interfaces, including Type C for all its latest electronic devices. In addition, it allows you to easily recharge it through an AC wall outlet, car cigarette lighter or through a portable solar panel (sold separately)

The SUAOKI G1000 presents a large number of interfaces that can be activated and deactivated to your liking. You can charge your smart phone, tablet and laptop at the same time. It comes equipped with 4 AC outlets that support a maximum power of up to 2,000 W; You can keep 4 laptops powered at a time, suitable for small teams and businesses.


We can tell you about their technical specifications, but what matters here are the numbers. To start, SUAOKI G1000 takes about 7 hours to charge if you connect it to a normal power outlet (it takes 9-15 hours to charge it with your car's power outlet). Once charged, the SUAOKI G1000 can fully charge:

  • iPhone X: 79 times (63 if it's a Galaxy S10)
  • Tablets (iPad Mini 3): 31 times.
  • Laptop (MacBook Air): 18 times
  • Nintendo Switch Controls: 50 times
  • DJI Spark drone: 56 times.
  • Portable speaker (JBL Charge 3): 36 times.

In addition, you can connect and use:

  • Table lamp: by 30 hours.
  • Rice cooker: by 8 hours.
  • Fan (50W): by 16 hours.
  • Coffee maker (110W): by 7 hours.
  • Mini refrigerator (50W): by 16 hours.
  • Television (300 W): by 3 hours.
  • Microwave (550 W): per 5 hours.

If these numbers do not convince you, then you need a generator, which, apart from electricity, also generates noise and smoke.


The lifestyle you lead, as well as where you live, say whether or not you need a charger (sorry: Power station) SUAOKI G1000. If you live in a large metropolis, and your weekend getaways consist of going to hotels or cabins not far from civilization, you will need small chargers and compatible cables more than anything else. Now, if where you live or work, energy usually goes away regularly, or if you want to spend a few days isolated from the world, even if you still want to keep some electrical appliances charged and working, the SUAOKI G1000 can and will be an excellent option. Just remember that, due to its weight, it is not feasible to carry it without a vehicle. Likewise, it has two very practical handles or handles on its upper part, and carrying it between two could be easier. It's not cheap, s: but it's the closest thing to a silent generator.