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PUBG is updated with a new map and season 10

PUBG Mobile, apart from being one of the most played battle royale, is characterized by that content they release every few weeks. A new content that will be released in 1 day1 with season 10 PUBG Mobile and what will be a new update with the inclusion of a whole new map.

A new dedicated map for deatchmach mode and that takes us to the ruins in a lost jungle. For the feedback given by some players, it is a very intense map and in which the fun and intensity are not lacking. And as always, we love being able to enjoy this kind of content that gives more strategies and special moments in our favorite battle royale.

The important thing about update 0.15.5 of PUBG Mobile

Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile is us getting used to updates full of news, and those that it does not even show in the full list of features as it happened with the previous update. This time brings us Season 10 of the Pass Royale and what is a whole new map.

But not only is everything left on that new map and season 10, but we have a new weapon for the Vikendi map and that comes to replace the Vector; Just the one you now need the 9mm ammo to be able to load while the UPM45 needs the 45mm. And there is much more that we tell you next.

PUBG Mobile this time will give a reward to all those who update the game between November 8 and 14, what are 20 silvers, 2,000BP and a special effect for when we parachute. It is a way to attract users and force them to update; otherwise you cannot invite those found in an earlier version.

The complete list of news

We are going to review the entire list of news arriving in this version 0.15.5 of the battle royale fashion:

  • New Weapon: MP5K which comes to replace the Vector:
    • The MP5K is a portable SMG that only appears on Vikendi.
    • The MP5K has a high firing rate at 900 RPM and has impressive anti-recoil abilities.
    • The MP5K has a damage base of 33 and can be equipped with all accessories.


  • New map of deathmatch mode: The Ruins and that take us to some ancient ruins hidden in the jungle. Dense vegetation with difficult paths, thus forcing players in a face-to-face with enemies, or simply working as a team to build a fortress.
  • Season 10 Royale Pass: Apocalypse:
    • All new gifts.
    • Applications have been relaunched and now the Royale Pass can be given as a gift to another player.
    • The Royale Pass upgrade card can now be used directly on the Pass upgrade page.
    • The interface for the Royale Pass has been improved.
  • New Zim vehicle:
    • Zima replaces UAZ in Vikendi.
    • Although it is all a challenge driving the Zima in snowy terrain, it is easier to drive than other 4-wheel vehicles, so make it a very practical vehicle.
    • The Zima is slower than other vehicles, but more resistant to damage and can be used for alternative strategies.


  • Season system: Level Protection card rewards are added to the Platinum and Crown tiers. After reaching Ace, players can earn a star for every 100 points they earn. The icon changes with the number of stars:
    • Copper: 1-5 stars.
    • Silver: 6-10 stars.
    • Gold: 11 stars or more
  • New 8-day player rewards: Updated 8-Day rewards for new players who add finishes, effects, classic boxes and other gifts.
  • Partner System (imminently): the Falcon
    • Soon, players will be able to collect materials for the Falcon in the event of redemption for free. Players can receive more fragments from the partner in the store or from the Royasle Pass to obtain the hawk, the hawk avatar, companion food and other objects.
  • New Character (shortly): Vehicle Engineer – Sara.
    • Vehicle Engineer – Sara
    • Her skill, vehicle improvement, reduces the damage taken by vehicles when she drives them or driving in a vehicle in EVO mode.


  • Arcade mode availability changed:
    • The Mini Zone will be canceled temporarily.
    • Quick games will always be available
    • Sniper training will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
    • War mode will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Improvements in the equipment recruitment channel:
    • The tier level and language requirements are added to the team recruitment so that the recruiting player can configure the team options.
    • Added a filter feature that allows players to view recruits based on the microphone, server, mode and language
  • Clan Improvements:
    • A Clan member status is added to show your recent status.
    • Improved clan chat to add a member in the chat window and show chats, recruits and member status
    • Added the clan raking portal on the clan page.
    • The rules of group rewards for Clan training are adjusted.
    • Capacity is increased for clans that are level 6 or higher.


  • Recommendations to mount a team for missions:
    • Team missions now offer pop up support that helps players invite others quickly.
    • Recruitment for team missions can now be sent to the clan channel.
    • Support for daily missions, daily royale and royale
  • Notifications:
    • Pending team invitations now appear in notifications
  • Main menu improvements:
    • The time required to enter the Store and receive supplies has been improved
  • Charisma system:
    • The charisma system has been removed online for now and will be relaunched after certain adjustments

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