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Power your Instagram Stories with the best free apps

When Instagram incorporated the Stories, the platform users were somewhat skeptical. That is already far away, at the same distance as Snapchat, an application that gave a lot of itself but that seems to have disappeared from our terminals almost completely. Today we bring you the free apps for Instagram Stories They have become indispensable.

When Facebook acquired Instagram made changes to achieve an app that integrated everything without caring who was ahead. However, it seems that the uses we give to this tool are increasingly similar to a Hollywood production. In large part thanks to external tools that have managed to make the stories something much more complete than Snapchat poses.

Today we bring you some of the apps that will allow you to differentiate yourself from other users and that will bring you a little closer to the Oscar's red carpet. Ideal to combine them with those that you already use for the edition of the images that you upload to your profile.

Unfold is basic to achieve some visual coherence in the Polaroid style

A tool like Unfold allows you to creation of visually beautiful and simple content. In fact, if you want to create highlights and don't know how, it's a good way to start. The app allows you to put a white frame in 9:16 format to your photographs and add text. Although the available typefaces are somewhat scarce, they are sufficient for non-professional use.

In addition, not requiring an account, is to enter, choose a frame and download the photo (or share it directly). It does not sin complex and its simplicity is what attracts the most attention. The aesthetics of the resulting photograph reminiscent of the Polaroid style How much you like it. Another reason why we love this app.

Free apps for Instagram Stories

It is also possible to do the same with videos, and although there are no filters directly in the application, the simple fact of passing through the app any content homogenizes your Stories content.

The app that uses all influencer worth its salt: VSCO

Although VSCO has been available for download on Google Play for a while, it still doesn't go out of style. In fact, there are many image editing platforms available but none has succeeded in overthrowing the present. She is still the queen because Your filters are impeccable.

As always, if you pay you have much more (including video editing), but we promise you that it is not necessary to pay anything so that the photographs you are going to use in your Stories have a very successful vintage style.

Do not think small. Use VSCO first and then Unfold to achieve better results.

Free apps for Instagram Stories

This does allow you to play many settings if you like to spend time editing: clarity, saturation, tone division, exposure, contrast or granulate (and it is worth using the latter). But the easiest is to walk through the filters and select the one you like best.

Our recommendation? Always use the same filter, both in Stories and in your publications. This will make your profile have an enviable feed.

Don't abuse Fyuse, but flip it with her

Free apps for Instagram Stories

We were being too sober with this top of applications for stories, so here comes Fyuse. Although this platform is sold as a tool to take spatial photographs in three dimensions, the thing is simpler. You just have to record a very short video with the camera of the app, and you will have as a result a GIF with a feeling of depth quite achieved.