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OPPO publishes the ColorOS 7 implementation calendar ┬╗ERdC

OPPO publishes the ColorOS 7 implementation calendar ┬╗ERdC

OPPO publishes the ColorOS 7 implementation calendar

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A few days ago OPPO was responsible for announcing the ColorOS 7 implementation schedule for its devices.. There is talk that this is the biggest launch in the history of the company. The launch of ColorOS 7 also includes devices from the Realme company.

OPPO devices that will receive the new update have been revealed; as well as when the new update will be being implemented on these new devices.

Update calendar to ColorOS 7

On November 25 the new update will be arriving at the following OPPO Smartphone: OPPO Reno; 10x Reno Zoom; Reno FC Barcelona Edition; Reindeer Ace; Reno Ace Gundam Edition.

In December of the present Year the update will be arriving for Reno 2.

At the beginning of next year the update will be arriving at devices such as; Reno2 Z, Reno Z, Find X, Find X Lamborghini Edition, Find X Super Flash Edition, R17, R17 New Year Edition, R17 Pro, R17 Pro New Year Edition, R17 Pro King Custom Edition, R17 Pro Pikachu Custom Edition, OPPO K5 , OPPO R15, R15 Dream Edition, K3, A9, A9x, A11, and A11x.

For Realme Smartphone, ColorOS 7 will be arriving as follows:

  • It will be being implemented in February 2018 for the Realme X and Realme X Lite Smartphone.
  • In March the update will be available for the Realme Q device.
  • In April 2020, the update will arrive for Realme X2 and Realme X2 Pro.

At first it was kept in mind that Realme announced its own operating system; but as it is already notorious, that is not the case. The young brand would prefer to choose a personalized version in ColorOS 7. This version of ColorOS 7 has custom features that will not be available on OPPO devices.

ColorOS 7 brings a renewed user interface that is based on the borderless design of ColorOS 6. New icons, new sounds and new wallpapers are introduced. There are also improvements in system performance and new applications such as Breeno; This application has the function of helping you sleep better; and Soloop, which is a video editing application.


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