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nGees an Ouya-style Android or Media Center console


nGees an Ouya-style Android or Media Center console

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February 14, 2013


Android It is no longer a mere mobile operating system to be many other things. Perhaps it all started when he took his step towards tablets and his ability to be a multimedia content management and reproduction platform became more evident. Since then there are different projects that want to convert the platform into Media Center like Google TV or consoles which also serve as Media center. Today we present a new initiative called nGees which adds to the existing Ouya and Game Stick.

nGees is still a project of crowdfunding which is in its initial stage of financing in Indiegogo. This means that it is a fairly developed idea, with some aspects to polish and seeking commercial viability. Its goal is to provide a gaming platform, but also a device that connected to our TV via HDMI allow us to enjoy videos, photos, Internet browsing and even as a workplace through appropriate applications for it.

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The approach is very similar to Ouya's, although the technical specifications are less interesting. In principle you will use a Cortex A9 dual core processor accompanied by a quad-core graphics processor and 1 GB of RAM. This machine will be responsible for moving to a custom Android operating system and applications and games that we download from Google Play, since it will be licensed for it. At first it seems a bit insufficient, in terms of power, knowing the games that come next year that have very demanding requirements.

Will offer various storage options starting from the initial 8 GB until reaching 32 GB. As we said it will have HDMI output to connect to televisions and screens, we have Bluetooth and USB 2.0 to attach more accessories such as keyboards, controls, etc …

As a curious aspect will have some LEDs that can emit three colors. Blue is when everything is normal, red to notify us of messaging and orange can be linked to what we want.

It is an interesting project, but its more than probable price of 99 dollars makes Ouya still seem a better option.

Source: Indiegogo