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List of free Android applications on offer that are of good quality

Find new options for phones and tablets It is always something positive and also allows you to get more out of the devices you have. We want to help you in this and, therefore, we provide a list of Android applications on offer for free which can now be downloaded in the Google store.

The developments we have chosen fulfill what generally convinces users: quality and good options, so it is not a bad idea to get these jobs done since surely more than one finds in them a good solution. With broad compatibility and simplicity of use, these applications that are downloaded from the Play Store are promoted by a Limited time, so it is vital to be quick when it comes to getting them.

Google account, the new way to control your privacy and security

The free Android applications on offer you should try

With a really big download simplicity and without problems of operation even in the less powerful terminals, then we leave the corresponding ones links in the Google store to try each of the jobs that we think are worth it this week (by the way, the simplicity of installation and download It is very large, since it is the usual one that is known for all Android developments):

Learn Francs – MosaLingua

An excellent course that can be followed with Android terminals and allows you to learn French in a fairly simple way. A large number of multimedia contents are included, such as videos, and that is why the learning method is really intuitive. Complete and with constant reviews, it is well worth it.

Learn Francs - MosaLingua

Learn Francs - MosaLingua

My scores: score viewer and scanner

If you are studying music this development is one of those that should not be missing in your phone or tablet. It allows you to keep track of the scores that are being learned to scan the ones you need to be able to repair them anywhere. One of the Android applications that are worthwhile.

My scores: score viewer and scanner

My scores: score viewer and scanner

Bubbles Battery Indicator – Charging animation

If you are tired of the icon that shows the battery charge that you have left on the Android device you have, this development is an option that you should evaluate. Allow colored bubbles to appear that clearly indicate the amount of amperage you have left and, best of all, the configuration options are really high, so the customization is total.

Bubbles Battery Indicator - Charging animation