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If you want to know the secrets of Apple Park you have to watch this video

apple park inside

The Apple Park must be a unique place in the world, however visiting it is not available to anyone. Only if you are a specialized media podrs delve into the huge Apple campus, that is, as long as Apple invites you and you cannot leave the bounded area for the media.

We ourselves have been able to see the visitor center of Apple Park, a very interesting place but much less special than the ?park? itself. Now a recently uploaded video we shows unique images of Apple Park never before seen places that have never been open to the public.

A video worth watching

The travel photographer Yongsung Kim He has somehow managed to enter the Apple Park and let him record his visit. The trip begins in the car entering the underground parking of the building and continues after a walk to the Steve Jobs Theater and a visit to the main ring-shaped building and the interior grounds.

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In the video we can see that they have special passes, but there are also many more people visiting these places in Apple Park. It is not known how have these people got to visit the Apple Park especially the central ring that is strictly prohibited to visitors. In fact, the video itself shows a note that says that Apple Park is not open to the public, so that viewers do not get too excited.

A video that takes us a bit to Apple Park and to areas that we have never seen before recorded, and less in videos that are not official of the company. Although it is true that no secret is shown, it is quite fun to see areas that we do not know about the most important place in Apple.