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Geniale Offers for iPad, a Fantastic App for FREE

Today we want to introduce you Geniale Offers, an application totally free with which you could put the sign of We do not want publicity in your mailbox. This application allows you to access all commercial catalogs from your iPhone or iPad, making them useful information to save time and money.

Geniale iPad Offers

Geniale Offers It is the application of Geniale, the leading site in Spain to find the offers and promotions of the stores near you.

What is Geniale Offers? The best way to explain this application is to talk about the benefits it can bring you:

  • What? You have all the catalogs and offers of the big commercial chains on your iPhone or iPad, divided by categories and cities, from Carrefour to Lidl through Media Markt.
  • When? Thanks to the daily update of catalogs and the schedules of each of the points of sale you know when you can buy each product.
  • Where? On the map of each city you will find the addresses of the geolocated stores.
  • How? Intuitively and quickly: thanks to its optimization in bandwidth consumption, the application achieves a high response speed and saves battery power. In a personalized and localized way: thanks to the notification system, you can choose from which catalog or offer to be notified, either each time they are published or when you pass near a specific business with a catalog or offer of your interest.
  • Why? You have a shopping guide always in your pocket, ready for the moment you need it; you contribute to the protection of the environment because you don't waste paper uselessly; And of course, it's FREE!

We hope that Geniale Offers will be very useful.

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