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Facebook App Fits Display Retina Display

Facebook, the social network par excellence, already has a native App for Apple iPad, but now with the arrival of the New iPad it is time to renew or die. And that they have done on Facebook, renew their app (they are already in version 4.1.1) and adapt it to the new Apple tablet and its new High Resolution Retina Display.

Facebook New iPad

Characteristics of this new version of the application of Facebook Now available on the App Store:

  • Now you can disconnect from the chat.
  • Everyone sees the right profile picture.
  • Your friends list always includes all your friends.
  • Your name is displayed correctly in groups of photos.
  • The photos of the fans of the pages are loaded correctly.
  • The notification icon for friend requests is only activated if you receive a request.
  • New languages ??available: Czech, Dan, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, European Portuguese and Thai.
  • If you have the New iPad with Retina display, you will enjoy a high resolution sharp interface.

Some screenshots of the Facebook App adapted to the New iPad:

Little by little we will see how all developers start adapting their applications to the New iPad and its Retina Display.

An App that, without a doubt, can not be missing on any iPad.

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