descuentos para la miix 320

Discounts for the Miix 320 on all models


Discounts for the Miix 320 on all models: a better quality / price ratio

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July 10, 2017

discounts for the miix 320

For a few days We can now buy the new Lenovo Windows tablet in Spain, and since then we are talking a lot about her, a trend that will continue a little more because today we bring you more good news with her as the protagonist and that despite being fresh out of the oven, you can already find discounts for the Miix 320 on all models.

Discounts for the Miix 320 on Lenovo's own website

The discounts we are talking about, in addition, we find them on Lenovo's own website and although it is true that they are not so substantial as to tempt someone who was not already considering it (the initial price has dropped to 278 euros, but it is still a respectable figure), taking into account that in mid-range tablets small price differences may end up tilting the balance, they may help some undecided.

First video impressions with the new Lenovo Android and Windows tablets

First video impressions with the new Lenovo Android and Windows tablets

Above all, and taking into account that the discount is growing as we go up configuration, until we reach the top model, with Full HD screen, 128 GB of storage capacity and 4G connection, which can be bought by 418 euroYes, what these discounts can encourage us is to consider taking the leap and take advantage of a better model than we had in mind.

A much needed alternative for those looking for an affordable Windows tablet

With the help of these discounts, the Miix 320 It is even a more interesting option to get a device with the best quality / price ratio. It must be said, in addition, that although the basic model we are seeing in other distributors still for 300 euros, but it seems that the immediately higher version, with 128 GB can be found for prices similar to those of the promotion of Lenovo (although somewhat higher still) in other places. We do not know if this is an indication that the price drop may be more or less durable or may even increase.

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It is true, in any case, that even at its official price, the Miix 320 It is still a great option for those looking for a mid-range Windows tablet, especially if we do not decide to enter the land of Chinese low-cost. In fact, yesterday we recommended it as a alternative to iPad Pro 10.5 to take into account for all those who want a 10-inch tablet with which you can also to work but that they cannot afford the investment required by the Apple tablet. And we have very good options for mid-range tablets with Android, but very few with this operating system.

All information on Lenovo tablets

We are talking a lot about Lenovo tablets Lately, it seems that little by little, and with an important emphasis on offering the best quality / price ratio, its position in the tablet market is consolidating. It has the advantage over other manufacturers, in addition, to have an equally interesting offer in the field of Windows as in that of Android, as proof precisely this Miix 320. We recently reviewed all your Catalogue, so you can take a look and consider if any of its other models could interest you even more.