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Create complex production systems in The Quarry

The Quarry is a simulation game for creating systems and automated factories to Factorio; a PC game that has surprised both its own and strangers for its great ability to create fully automated systems for the manufacture, processing and manufacturing of different materials to finally turn them into different products.

The Quarry plays in the same league, although with the big difference that we will not have to the extraterrestrial nature of the planet where we are extracting attacking to our facilities. A new premium game for Android that stands out for offering you part of the Factorio gameplay and which we hope will be updated properly.

Here we have to create automated systems

The main virtue of The Quarry is that puts the "sandbox" or "sandbox" so that you can make those systems yourself that will be in charge of extracting the stone and then transform it into another type of processed material. We have a fairly large 2D map in which a series of materials are distributed randomly that we have to skillfully collect and then process them.

The Quarry on Android

We are not talking about you putting the icon of a factory and it is automatically produced, but that you will have to place the mine itself and the conveyor belt that "physically" the space where the mine is located with the same where the material that interests us is. Not only this, but we must know how to intelligently place the conveyor belt so that it goes in one direction and so the whole process is completed.

We talk about the simplest base of The Quarry, since as we get more materials, we can invest money in research and development in order to discover new techniques and machinery that will help us extract new resources and process and transport them in new ways.

From the base to the complexity of an entire processing chain in The Quarry

The Quarry on Android

That is, from the simple Our first processing chain can convert our factory in a very complex mechanism. If we have 100 different machines and 100 resources and products, you can get an idea of ??everything that lies ahead.

In fact, to generate your first "chip" you will need neither more nor less than 30 hours of play, so yes, The Quarry is a very different game than what we normally see on Android; and therefore a game that deserves its distinction.

We have to say that all the complexity of our factory will be generated in a persistent world We can pause if we are forced to our "machine" needs a break to integrate new mechanisms and machinery. And yes, the goal is to create products such as chips that will need the patience necessary to learn different mechanisms, oh and English.

It is not in Spanish yet

The Quarry on Android

The big problem for many is that you will need to know English to know the ins and outs of The Quarry. At the moment we do not know if they will translate it, so for now to be able to shoot with the game you will have to pull the Google translator if you understand something, since for those who like this type of games it will almost be essential to have it in your mobile. And more when we don't know if Factorio will reach Android; although we have Mindustry and which we will talk about soon in these parts.

The Quarry is a game that worth a little less than 1 euro and that you have a demo to try it for free. Technically it is based on the mechanisms that it offers us to create fully automated factories that we will see them work on our screen as if it were a real one. And although visually it is not one of the best, it does allow us to differentiate resources well and devise those complex systems.

A unique game called The Quarry and that opens the door for developers to bet more on original ideas that underpin different ways of undertaking a mobile gaming experience. If you miss Factorio on your mobile, The Quarry is the perfect substitute.