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Cracked Crusaders takes you to humanized ducks on a platform

Cracked Crusaders is a new platform where we are going to handle a series of humanized ducks in the most cartoon style of the Warner of yesteryear; in which they walked the mythical Pato Lucas and those fun adventures that made many generations laugh.

A very typical platforms and that really brings nothing new to the genre, unless you are not used to playing with different ducks. Because otherwise you will quickly do your gameplay, although it must be said that it has something that we like and differs from others.

Find the Dungeon Master of the dungeon

Cracked crusaders

Cracked Crusaders takes us to the typical control of our character on a platform where we have the movement stick located on the left and two action buttons to attack with our weapon, which we can improve in our base, and what would be the other dedicated to launch conversations, climb stairs or jump.

Some of the differences that place it in another plane before other platforms is the fact that we have to look for the map to know where the Dungeon Master of the dungeon is located. With this we are told that the levels are not small, but not too extensive. But enough to get lost and have to pull the map that we could find in a chest.

That map places us in the Dungeon Master that we have to reach in some way; this will be through platforms jumps or other tricks that the level designer has devised. To say that they are not badly designed, although neither have many difficulties; yes, go counting on those skewers that if you do not fall on them, they will not do any damage if you walk on its surface.

Over 100 levels in Cracked Crusaders

Cracked crusaders

Cracked Crusaders is characterized by its over 100 levels and those final bosses against those we will face. In the first levels we have played we have not found many enemies, but they are supposed to appear with their difficulty. We have a sword that we can handle from the fortified base where we will find a series of NPCs that give us clues.

Cracked crusaders

Of course, count on this game is in english, so at least for the basics it will not be necessary to understand, because it really is based on the typical platforms. What is cool is that you can press on the humanized duck for a long time, so that you move your finger in different directions and so you can see what awaits you down in that abyss or simply if there is a platform above which We have to llar.

Cracked Crusaders too offers customization on the avatar, so you can choose several to make the adventure more varied and not so monotonous if it were not. Another of its virtues are the different endings that it has, so if it is capable of coaxing you, perhaps it would not be bad to finish them all.

A pixel art platforms

Cracked crusaders

Cracked Crusaders doesn't escape that visual aspect to pixel art How linked is on the platforms. A visual language that ensures that you do not consume many resources and throw in any smartphone that can download this game from the Play Store.

Visually it's nice, but it's not that game that either can hook us for the same. Rather it hooks for its extensive levels and for how well endowed it is in level design. A title that will not go down in history, but that for a few days may be worth perfectly.