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Build your automated factory and define it from others in Mindustry

Just yesterday we were commenting on the great truths that The Quarry treasures and that we see again in Mindustry, another game at Factorio and in which you have the possibility of creating materials processing and manufacturing systems automatically.

Come on, you're going to be able to create your own factory where you can place the tapes that transport materials from the same quarry to what would be that machinery responsible for processing. A game that differs from The Quarry by the fact that our factory can be attacked by entities of other planets. So you have no choice but to defend it.

Mindustry between The Quarry and Factorio


Mindustry is not a game that came out days ago, but it already takes time on Android to show that knowing how to do things, and without much hype and saucer, you can take a place in the game market for mobile phones on Android; And that we have a store that is a mess many times.


Mindustry is based on Factorio and has given rise to the fact that we can enjoy the premium The Quarry. The best thing about Mindustry is that we will have to defend it from the enemy entities, and this means that part of the ore we are going to extract will have to be used to give the turrets that will defend the base and our automated factory enough materials.

This gives a greater point of stress if we compare it to The Quarry, where We exercise more than the factory designer until you can make a chip. Let's say that Mindustry takes us to an identical copy of Factorio, although with its limitations.

Create elaborate supply chains in a game with PvP


So we will have to create those tapes that transport supplies to provide them to defensive turrets, to build more buildings and defend the structures of waves of enemies. In fact we have an exact time in which we are warned that an enemy wave is falling. So we have enough time to collect, supply and have the turret take care of the rest.


What does attract the attention of Mindustry is that it has multiplayer. That is, we can play with our friends in multiplayer cooperative games in multi-platform, or even challenge them in team-based games against each other. This puts in value a characteristic that is not present in The Quarry, so it already attracts a lot of attention.

In total in Mindustry we have access to 24 maps, a complete campaign with technology tree and areas to unlock, 4 final bosses to eliminate, transport systems of energy, liquids and objects, 19 types of drones, mechs and different ships, 120 technological blocks to learn, 75 environment blocks and a powerful editor with which you can create your own maps.

And translated into Spanish


Another of the biggest advantages of Mindustry is that we have it in spanish. So you can create custom games in which to change the statistics of the enemies, the starting objects, the time of waves and other data without having to break your head with English. Being in Spanish, such a game is much easier.