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Apple wants to fix the mess that was iOS 13

If at first you are unsuccessful, try again and again and then you may reconsider your entire strategy so as not to be so wrong next time.

After a continuous series of errors and updates with iOS 13, Bloomberg reports that Apple is changing its internal testing processes for iOS so that this does not happen again with iOS 14.

The report states that Apple's software chief

That Apple's software chief, Craig Federighi, and other high-level employees have had a meeting recently to explain how the new approach will work.

In a nutshell, the company plans to disable all functions that may be problematic in the trial versions of the software, giving evaluators the option to enable and test them one by one through a new configuration menu called Banderas.

Apple iOS 13

Originally released in September, it was one of the most problematic iOS releases in history, and the company addressed some of the problems with iOS 13.1 just one week after launch.

Then, the company continued with a series of updates to fix the remaining errors.

Two months later and nine updates later and we are on iOS 13.3, and there are still problems that need to be fixed, such as the fact that the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro Max freezes every two times that I start from the lock screen.

This new approach

It should alleviate the problem that these daily compilations are next to unusable and full of new features (with errors), which, in turn, should facilitate the testing process.

And although it is likely that Apple will not launch its iOS 14 until next year, it has already implemented the new way of doing things in the first versions of that software.

The company also plans to apply this new strategy to test all its platforms, including macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iPadOS.

The report also throws

Some light on Apple's curious decision to launch iOS 13.1 just one week after iOS 13.0.

Some people who worked on the project described iOS 13 as a ?disaster,? and that Apple decided to use iOS 13.1 after realizing that iOS 13 simply does not live up to its standards