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AnimA is an intense ARPG in which to explore its extensive dungeons

AnimA is an ARPG Diablo style and characterized by leading us to dungeons in which we can have a good time exploring them; They do not reach the extension we would like, but they are much more extensive than other ARPG games that we have in the Play Store.

And not only is it characterized by its extensive dungeons, but we It brings a great job in the technical and visual so we can enjoy a good time of exploration, fighting and loot collection with armor and more. What we miss is that the skill tree was a little more complex than it is.

In the absence of Immortal Devil we have AnimA

Portal in AnimA

And while that Immortal Devil arrives, and that every time he looks better according to the last gameplay video shown by Blizzard, we have AnimA that can be the perfect substitute For that desire we have to throw our hands and fingers on a high ARPG.

Enemies to AnimA

With AnimA we don't have multiplayer, but we do it will give us the feeling of facing a single player adventure with which to throw ourselves on the couch, make a good hole, put on headphones and live experiences of role and direct action combat. This is why we can call it as an Action RPG.

AnimA is characterized by the customization it offers to our character and that leads us to go picking up that loot which will allow us to use armor and weapons. We have the option of choosing three classes in order to upload the different statistics according to the intelligence for the magician or the life for the warrior.

Following the stereotypes of the ARPG

Inventory in AnimA

The developers of AnimA warn that their source of inspiration is the mythical RPG games of all time. And although they do not quote Diablo, logically it smells a lot like this game with a dark visual aspect and a series of elements that we know about the Blizzard game. Of course there are the portals that allow us to return to the base camp from the same point where we used a scroll for the return; Well, here they are not scrolls, but we understand each other.


In the camp we have that series of NPCs that will allow us to sell the utensils and weapons that we don't need, as well as performing some craft tasks. That said, follow the trail left by the greats of the genre.

In AnimA we will have more than 40 levels full of demonic creatures, beasts of the underworld, dark knights and demons of all forms. Nor are those final bosses and up to 10 levels of difficulty. You will have to find 10 secret levels and enjoy those fantasy environments that are capable of generating quite significant gaming experiences.

Level up your hero

Ability tree in AnimA

In AnimA they emphasize the character, and although the skill tree is not very complex, yes that allows us to access 45 unique skills and that of uploading a series of attributes to improve our skills and statistics of the character. One of its characteristic features is the ability to create multiclass systems and mix magician with warrior and vice versa. Nor are there more than 200 unique objects and up to 8 kinds of precious gems with 10 levels of rarity.