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5 essential apps for a future mom

Already before we talked about some technological tools that can help moms in exercise to organize their daily tasks and enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure. However, a woman is a mother since pregnancy and every woman is pregnant or who has gone through that stage knows that, during it, disturbing doubts arise about the development of the baby, the calculation of the date of delivery, feeding and medication, What name to put on, how to keep fit, among many other questions.

The answers to all the questions – giving priority to what the doctor gave, of course – can easily be found in hundreds of downloadable applications on mobile devices. Try them is not over, so here we suggest 5 essential apps for a future mom:

# 1 My pregnancy gives da:

This application belongs to the well-known Baby Center site and boasts its numerous functions to keep mothers updated on the progress of their pregnancy. By introducing the date of delivery you can know the changes that the mother's body goes through during the different months, in addition to the fetal development week by week. It also includes a nutritional guide and the possibility of joining a birth club to meet other mothers who share the same possible birth date. Both iOS and Android users can obtain this free application in the app store.

# 2 My baby's name:

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<p>Available for Android devices, this app allows the future mom to choose from 10,000 possible names for her unborn baby. You can even choose between several criteria such as short, long, simple, compound names and also to know what is the origin from which you are selected. The application also allows the father of the creature, to choose separately the names of his preference to later establish coincidences and to reduce the list for a faster selection and according to the tastes of the parents. The tool also has a calendar to determine the sex of the baby with 65% success.</p>
<h3># 3 Pregnancy Gesture:</h3>
<p>The Gestorama indicates, very much like the doctor, the approximate time of the gestational moment that mother and child live and provides important information such as the diameter of the baby's head, the length of the fmur, the weight and the size. All this adds to a calculation of the date of birth, information on the progressive weight gain of the mother, which serves to have an estimate of the extra kilos, among other technical details. The future mom can download this app on her Android phone or on her iPhone.</p>
<h3># 4 My pregnancy a day:</h3>
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