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You can now broadcast local content from your mobile with Google Files

How to issue local files Go

Google Files already allows the sending of local content through your mobile to the TV as a great novelty of this app, which really is a file manager.

Logically for be able to send that local content we are going to need that, or our TV is ?smart? or that we have a Chromecast or other type of stick like Amazon's.

How to stream content from your mobile with Google Files

Since the last update Google Files already havee the ability to send content or stream from the one you have locally. That is, any file you have stored on your mobile can be ?broadcast? to the TV, as long as you have a Chromecast or other type of dongle in style; as is Amazon's own.

It was time that Google allowed to do this from one of its apps, because if we take into account, we have always had to relegate in others, like the great VLC, to broadcast local content that we have in our mobiles; and that thanks to the increasing storage space allow us to save a lot of movies, series and more.

Broadcast local content

This functionality has been present since the beta in september, but from today you can access it by updating Google Files from the Google Play Store. So you can broadcast local content:

  • We are leaving to the file browsing section of the app.
  • We select any category.
  • Remember that you have to be on the same Wi-Fi network than your Chromecast.
  • When so, you will see the ?broadcast? icon and that we know of as many apps as Netflix, HBO, YouTube?

One of the best features of this ability to broadcast content from Google Files is that it can do it without using a data connection or Wi-Fi. That is, while you are on the same WiFi and the content is local, the data will not fly. An interesting news for when you go on vacation and at the home of a family member do not have internet, but a screen with HDMI connection to connect the Chromecast that you carry in your suitcase.

As usual with many other apps that allow the broadcast of content, you have the interface with the reproduction to have the most basic controls.

If you have not yet received the latest Google Files update, download it from here:

Google Files: APK

But what else can I do with Google Files?

One of the best advantages of Google Files, already installed by more than 100 million users, is that Manage our mobile files to indicate those that surpass. In other words, it will be your assistant to clean the terminal of unnecessary files and even has a function to share peer-to-peer files.

Google Files

The truth that is a very useful app for that family member You don't have much idea of ??moving with your phone and you need an application that tells you what to do. Google Files will indicate that it can be deleted and will give all possible information so that it is very clear that it is lost with the action to be performed.