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Valve announces Half-Life: Alyx, the virtual reality title of Valve

Sebastian Jimenez

No, you are not dreaming. It's 2019 and Valve has officially announced a new Half-Life game titled Half-Life: Alyx. While it may not be exactly Half-Life 3, it seems to be a prominent title for the renowned developer.

After the rumors began to emerge this year, including one earlier today that suggests an announcement at The Game Awards, Valve decided to confirm what we've all been hearing. The study led to Twitter. to confirm Half-Life: Alyx as its "emblematic" virtual reality title and will make an adequate revelation this Thursday at 10AM PT.

Today's filtering included a transcript of what will be on the teleprompter at The Game Awards in December. Host Geoff Keighley asks why they will do this exclusively for virtual reality and a Valve developer responds by saying that while they would love to make a normal version, it is an exploration of virtual reality.

Rumors suggest that the exclusive VR title is an FPS based on the story of a single player where you play as Alyx Vance. The game will not be a continuation of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, but to close the gap between Half-Life 1 and the story of 2. It also raises the question of whether this could lead to the return of the revolutionary science fiction shooter in a later date or if this was just a way to get people to sell themselves in virtual reality.

Only time will tell and we will not have much more to wait. It is not clear if there will be more news about the title in December or if Valve has simply changed his plans to move the ad until this week after the leak.

Half-Life: Alyx is reported to be launched in March 2020. The Game Awards will air on December 12.