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Twitter activates function to hide the answers you don't like

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this Thursday Twitter has activated one of the options announced months ago for
allow users to hide those responses to their tweets they don't want
Let your followers see.

The importance of this option is that anyone can avoid having
in your timeline inappropriate, offensive or unpleasant messages or simply
You don't want to see there. A functionality that also allows to fight against
Online harassment and the preservation of user privacy.

active this promised option that already works from devices with
Android and iOS systems, in addition to
web versions, although apparently some users are being
activating later than others.


function to hide the answers you don't want to see, but not
they will be eliminated, they simply cannot be seen on the timeline, as long as they are not
Choose to show hidden tweets. If this option is chosen, users
If you can see those hidden messages.

it does?

start this option, what the user should do is access the
list of tweet responses published and take into account that you can only hide
the response to the user's own tweets.

you must choose in the upper right menu of the answer to hide, the option
"Hide replies to this tweet."

If you click on this option, the specific message related to that tweet disappears from the timeline.

The platform announced this Thursday one of its new features to hide responses to user tweets

offers the option to undo that action so if you change your mind, the hidden answer could

user can also check those answers he has decided to hide, so
just by selecting in the upper right corner the menu of said tweet and
choose "See hidden answers."

This function began to work worldwide during last Thursday, if
It is noted that it still does not appear in the Twitter account, you must be patient
and wait for it to be activated. It is already on its way.