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Thorough analysis of the Acer Iconia a100 Tablet and the essential applications for tablets

With the birth of the Tablet since the launch of the ipad, much has evolved in hardware, design and features, including Android operating system for these devices, with Honeycomb, being probably the tablet with this system, what better price to have. Today we will analyze the only 7 ?Tablet that officially arrives with its latest honeycomb 3.2 update, we are talking about the acer iconia Tab a100.

This Tablet is presented as a little sister of the iconia Tab a500 of 10 ?, whose technical characteristics are very similar except for a couple of details such as ram memory and of course the screen size. We are going to Review it thoroughly and how it is used day by day.

Available in two versions with the only difference of incorporating built-in 3G modem

Discovering our newly purchased product

Our brand new tablet comes in a elegant box with tablet illustrations on the front and on the sides and typography of the house do accompanying. Inside we find the Tablet fully in a compartment that occupies the entire length and width of the box and lifting this two compartments. In the first, there is the charger (not USB) and plug. In the second one is a micro USB connector to connect the Tablet to the PC along with instruction book and warranty.


The steel tab a100 is manufactured in a plastic housing, which for some may give a certain sense of fragility, although in my case it is not the case, but quite the opposite, the high-strength plastic used to provide apart from better weight, greater strength and strength than stiffer materials.

With a fairly nice rectangular design with small curves at the end of its longer edges, it is quite comfortable to hold both vertically and horizontally and given its weight that is approximately 400g it does not tire at all to hold it. It is mostly a tablet designed for mobility.

Hardware and software

As we said at the beginning of the review has the Android operating system honeycomb v 3.2 and therefore gave some problems that delayed its launch. Without fear of being wrong, I think they were right to introduce the system into this 7 ?Tablet, which, except for some details, have made a Great implementation work.

It has a processor that has given very good results lately and is found in some of the most successful devices currently, it is the NVIDEA TEGRA 2 dual-core processor with a 1 GHz clock cycle

This processor is accompanied by 512 Mb of RAM that at first and given the graphic evolution of games and applications, may seem to fall short, but after Using the Tablet with some fairly powerful games graphically, such as the NOVA 2 HD, happens with a note.

Not only is games limited to things, the transition between screens and applications is quite fluid but not perfect, especially if you have enough open applications.

Its storage is 8 GB which is not too much, but among its micro SD card slot and that the tendency to have your files in the cloud is spreading more and more, is a minor problem. The reproduction of video on random web pages is not always fluid when it is not about YouTube, on the contrary since the YouTube application is perfect The reproduction de music is pretty good with a Dolby Mobile sound in which the sound is heard with enough quality.

The screen as a central element in this type of devices has an excellent tactile response, capacitive of course, with a good color balance and contrast whose only paste is in the viewing angles which are not as wide as they should be, with the consequent loss of definition and color as we tilt the Tablet.