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They launch Pichagram, the social network in which artistic nudes are allowed

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Spain.- Social networks are changing the way we communicate every day, both with family and friends. But, until now, nudes were something that were totally prohibited in these communication channels. But as we say, that was until now, since they have just launched Pichagram, a social network in which nudes are allowed but, yes, in an artistic way.

Bran Slo is the creator of this social network

Specifically, Pichagram is a social network created for artists who wish to make publications with greater freedom and escaping the censorship of Instagram, the most successful social network at the moment but that does not allow women to show a fish or add emojis more Hot keyboard.

At the moment, this social network is available on its web version and does not have its own app for smartphones or tablets and has been designed by Murcia artist and computer programmer Bran Slo. Despite its recent creation, Pichagram is being a success and in just five weeks active has achieved more than 3,000 users and about 15,000 visits a day.

But how does Pichagram work? This social network has a Wall of publications, Browse, Search, Manage your publications, User profiles, Private messages and Public Chat. And why was this social network created? According to its creator, the reason that led him to promote the creation of Pichagram was the fact that many artists cannot share their content, which is not necessarily pornographic or eolic in nature but simply shows a naked body.

Image: Pichagram

It has its own control mechanisms

Bran Slo is very critical with Instagram, since he thinks that ?this social network has closed and limited a large number of accounts by eliminating all content by the platform's complaints system. So, with these mechanisms of conventional social networks, anyone upset or offended with something can claim their elimination. ?

Although there are many who see the resemblance between Pichagram and Instagram, Solo says that he does not want to resemble the social network acquired by Mark Zuckerberg at all and that he does not want to shade or compete with it. "More than anything, Pichagram is a social experiment that is born at the reason of the already mentioned unjustified censorship by other platforms, especially Instagram," as its creator has commented.

Of course, Pichagram also does not offer total freedom to its users since it has some control mechanisms so that no type of content can be uploaded. Among these mechanisms, the social network offers options to report images and content that may be illegal and not all users can access it, since it must be over 18 years.