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The Xiaomi Mi A2 spends more battery than the account and this is the problem

This year Xiaomi has redoubled its commitment to the Mi A. Instead of launching a successor for the Xiaomi Mi A1 he created two, the normal Mi A2 and the Mi A2 Lite.

The first one was the one we analyzed and the truth is that although it did not leave us with the same feeling that its predecessor is a terminal that we continue to recommend day by day.

But that doesn't mean it's perfect. Some users are reporting on the manufacturer's own forums that they are having problems with battery drain in some specific situations.

After some tests it has been concluded that the fingerprint sensor is the cause of them, although it only occurs in some units. The reason is that not all units have the same fingerprint sensor.

How to know what fingerprint sensor I have

In order to check some aspects of hardware there is a code that lists some details. In this case we have to type in the phone application the number * # * # 6484 # * # * and we will see if our unit has the Goodix sensor model or not.

If so, we could be among the affected users.

How the use of the fingerprint sensor affects the battery

As we say, it is a problem that affects some users and not others. But it also affects depending on how we use the fingerprint sensor.

If we unlock the screen with the power button and then use the fingerprint sensor we will have no problems. If on the contrary we use the fingerprint sensor with the screen off, which is normal, we will see how the processor increases the power, which demands that the energy demand rise, when it is not necessary.

This is the fault that makes the battery last less than it should since this is not an operation that requires the chipset cores to use their full potential.

A software solution

It is possible that this problem can be solved with a simple software update but many users are waiting for it for longer than they would like.

We have contacted Xiaomi Spain to confirm if Xiaomi is aware of this problem and if they are already developing a patch to solve it. We will update the post as soon as we have an answer.