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The Spanish tablet NT-K that won Apple the legal battle

A new episode of the series «Manzana against the world«, And this time it is closer to us because the company involved is the Spanish NT-K, company dedicated to consumer electronics sector which has in the market a tablet and two desktop models.

The plot has all the elements to become a real best seller in the genre of Science Fiction Thriller’s, complaints, demands, accusations and two companies involved. Do not miss all the details after the cut.

One of the main products of the Spanish company NT-K is the A91, a Android tablet as operating system. In November 2010, a shipment of A91’s was arrested on orders from Manzana because according to his lawyers, this violated a series of patent laws and supposed a alleged plagiarism of one of the company's star products of Cupertino, he iPad. Manzana even referred to NT-K a burofax in which they are required for them to destroy their product and stop marketing it because it was plagiarism and violated a series of patents that were held by Manzana, or on the contrary, it would be forced to take the matter to court.

Ignoring warnings by Manzana, NT-K He decided not to stop marketing one of his star products. This caused that on December 9, 2010, Apple will denounce NT-K before Spanish justice Of course industrial plagiarism on the A91. This, apart from the obvious inconvenience caused to the Spanish company, assumed that this was included in a blacklist of "pirates" at European level, which meant very important losses for the company in the marketing of its new tablet.

Well, yesterday, November 1, 2011, the Judge of the Court of First Instance and Instruction of Quart de Poblet (Valencia) has ruled on the matter, agreeing the provisional dismissal of NT-K for this question, understanding that «the perpetration of the crime was not duly justified«. In parallel, in August of this year 2011, NT-K presented a complaint before the National Competition Commission (CNC) in which they showed the dominance position that it holds Manzana in this sector of consumer electronics and the influence it can have on the authorities to the detriment of other competitors in the sector.

Having filed the criminal case against NT-K and pending the resolution before the CDC, NT-K You have stated in your corporate blog that take civil action against Apple for the emerging damages, loss of profits and moral damages caused by the initial denunciation of the latter and its retention of the A91 tablet item.

Without a doubt, we are facing a open war among a consumer electronics giant like Manzana and a small Valencian company of small size. The problem is not in whether the product is plagiarism or not, but in the fact that Apple can exert such pressure and influence on the customs authorities of our country to have them retain items from other companies because it believes they violate a series of patents. In my opinion, It is unacceptable. And much more considering the power that Apple has worldwide. Facts like this leave defenseless to small businesses and allow large multinationals erase the competition from the map with a simple burofax. Both companies, both Manzana as NT-Kshould be measured with the same standard, and should have the equal rights, without one of them being able to "preventively withdraw" the products of the other because they supposedly constitute a plagiarism of their products.

What do you think ?, Do you think that all companies are measured equally ?, Does Apple enjoy national and community privileges? I assure you that yes, that Manzana, for its size and its products, enjoys a favorable treatment by the authorities and governments of European countries and around the world, but remember the issue of Directive Europe what forced to all Mobile phone manufacturers to adopt the MicroUSB standard, which Manzana today is still going through the lining.

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