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The simplest and least distracting Android launcher

With the extreme customization of our mobile phones, we often overload the screen of options, colors, backgrounds … ignoring the main thing: have quick access to the essentials. In addition, we do not always use the smartphone correctly as we tend to abuse certain applications. Do you want to fix it with a launcher? We have it: it's called Always.

Always It is not an Android launcher to use since it focuses on a goal that might seem contrary to the fact of installing an application: with this launcher you will use less mobile. Do you use WhatsApp too much, social networks, would you like to get hooked to Instagram less and lack self-control? Always He gives you a hand allowing you to focus on your goals.

Avoid bad habits on the mobile with Siempo while minimizing the appearance of the phone

The simplest and least distracting Android launcher

Having as few options as those of the launcher we are talking about we will not need too much time to explain how it works. In fact, Siempo himself will explain it to you in the start tutorial: choose a goal, mark the applications you don't want to get hooked on and that's it. The launcher will get you to use less mobile.

The simplest and least distracting Android launcher

It's not that using the phone itself is a problem, but we already know how addictive messaging and social media applications can be. With Always you will have them hidden so that it will be more complicated to access them. In this way, and given that they are visible, little by little you will be using them less and enjoying the phone instead of always keeping the attention on it. At least in theory, of course.

The simplest and least distracting Android launcher

Siempo has an interface so simple that you will only see a flat background with the Home in which your priority objective. What do you need to be reminded to go to the gym? Always is there for it: just unlock the phone you will see very clearly what you want to do.

East Android launcher Not only does it hide the toughest applications, it also allows you to keep your attention away from your mobile delaying notifications at the intervals you want. For example, half an hour, an hour … In this way the mobile will not intercede with what you are doing so that you put all the focus on the most important.

Siempo, a launcher for humans

That is the motto of the application that we recommend: it takes you away from the superfluous so that you focus on the important. Knowing how easy it is to get distracted with the smartphone Always It is a great help to get the opposite. Whenever you want, the launcher is customizable according to your preferences.

Siempo is a free Android application, without ads and in English. It has dark mode, is minimally customizable in appearance and learn from your uses to correct bad habits. It is not a launcher of the Nova style and the like, rather the opposite: its objective is keep desks clean of distractions. And get it.

You can download Always from the Google Play Store and also in the form of Apk from UpToDown.