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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have an external secondary display »ERdC

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have an external secondary display

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According to the reports that have been emerging over the past few weeks, Samsung's next-generation Galaxy Fold will come with a cover design factor. Now, a new report related to the folding device states that the Galaxy Fold 2, also known as Bloom, come with a Small secondary display with limited interactivity.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with cover design and secondary display

According to the report, the secondary screen be located on the phone cover. Be visible and functional when the device is in its folded mode. The mentioned screen will be used mainly by the company only for show notifications along with some other basic information, such as battery information during charging. Have been discovered a couple of loading animations apparently designed for the exterior screen of the future Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in the most recent One UI 2.0 beta For the Galaxy Note 9.

Secondary screen load animation

According to the source, the screen to be located in the outer area of ??the ?cover? of the smallest phone will have a much closer aspect ratio in reality. The panel design should represent an animated circle instead of a rectangle with rounded corners. It seems that Samsung wants to differentiate it from view in the Motorola Razr folding.

According to the design rumors, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 be similar to the recently presented Motorola Razr, which also comes with a folding design. However, there is a possibility that the Galaxy Fold 2 also have a direct sequel of the existing Galaxy Fold. In this case the other model will have a fold design in the style of a "book" similar to the original Fold.

It will be cheaper than the original Galaxy Fold

A few months ago, it was reported that the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold will come with 256 GB of internal storage. The above results in half of the 512GB internal storage that is available in the current generation model. This is as it is said because Samsung wants the phone to have a cheaper price. The company seeks increase the adoption capacity of foldable phones in the market. After all, the maximum driver of folding screen technology from the beginning was Samsung, so that they extend and become sales success is something that suits you.

Other manufacturers that will launch folding phones with this design format are Xiaomi and Huawei. Patents from both Xiaomi and Huawei have been published that show their intentions.


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