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The Nubia Alpha phone is futuristic and costs less than the Huawei P30

Nubia Alpha

The Nubia Alpha seems taken from a science fiction movie.

Rika Garca / CNET

He Nubia Alpha cell phone, a kind of futuristic bracelet taken from a science fiction movie, has already come true and will go on sale this April 25 in the United States and Spain – and globally – through the Nubia website.

The first time we met this cell phone bracelet was at the MWC 2018, when the company announced it as a prototype that will reach the market immediately. That never happened, and instead we had to wait until MWC 2019, when the company finally presented it and said that this year it will put a price on it and start shipping the units.

Although the Nubia Alpha finally reach the market, its most important function is not available. The company said in a statement sent to CNET in Spain that the cell phone will be sold in a version with only Bluetooth in the global market. Meanwhile, the one that has an internal e-SIM so you can have connectivity with your operator only be available in China through China Unicom, for now.

Price and availability

Although you can buy it from April 25, the company has not said how long it will take the device to reach your hands. The price is US $ 449 or 449 euros, and the first 50 buyers will receive a pair of Nubia Pods headphones, a Bluetooth version of the company's headphones, as a gift. This wrist watch is cheaper than the US $ 900 of Huawei P30– although the cell phone can connect to a cellular network and has a more traditional way.

Nubia is a company linked to ZTE, which has reinforced its global presence, especially after the company's problems with the United States government. In this country they also sell their cell phone for video game lovers called Nubia Red Magic Mars, one of the most iconic of the brand and that competes directly with the Xiaomi Black Shark.

Editor's Note:This article was originally published on April 22 at 8 a.m. United States Pacific time.

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