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The MediaPad M3 sales again, with a discount of 75 euros


If you missed last week, the MediaPad M3 is on sale again

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July 19, 2017

Huawei MediaPad m3 gaming test

Last week we alerted you to one of the most interesting sales we have seen in recent times, a discount of no less than 100 euros for which it is right now one of the best 8 inch Android tablets. Well, if you missed that opportunity, you now have an almost as good one, because now we have the MediaPad M3 sale again on Amazon.

Amazon returns to leave us the MediaPad M3 of discounts with 75 euros of discount

Bearing in mind that Amazon's Prime Day offers are the best of the year (or at least it should be), the one we bring to you is not far off: if last week the MediaPad M3 It could be bought for a few hours for 250 euros, now we can get hold of it for just a little more: 275 euros, which is a 75 euros discount About its original price.

huawei mediapad

The only thing we cannot say in this case is for how long we will be able to enjoy this discount, since there is no time limit set. This could be good news, because it could last several days, or vice versa, a bad one, and that we find it runs out in just a few hours. As you can imagine, the only recommendation we can make in this case is that you think about it, but that you do it quickly.

MediaPad M3 or Galaxy Tab S2 8.0?

The funny thing about this promotion is that it comes at a time when we just have what is another of the three big 8-inch Android tablets of the moment (the third would be the My Pad 3) also of sales: just yesterday we warned you that the price of the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 had dropped for the first time to 300 euros, a figure that we had not seen yet since it was launched, and that some time has passed. From what we have seen, this discount is still valid in several distributors.

Tab S2 8.0 update

This circumstance makes the decision somewhat more difficult, logically, because they are two great options. The tablet of Huawei It has in its favor being a newer tablet, with a more powerful processor and metal casing. It is also important that, in fact, it is somewhat cheaper. The Galaxy Tab S2, on the other hand, has somewhat less resolution but the image quality of its screen is still difficult to overcome and is an extraordinarily compact, thin and lightweight device. And, as far as it is not a new model, we must remember that it is in the process of updating to Android Nougat. Really, either is a great purchase.

MediaPad M3 vs Galaxy Tab S2: comparison