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The Google Glass graduates will arrive and maybe the sun glasses too


The Google Glass graduates will arrive and maybe the sun glasses too

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March 13, 2013

Google Glass graduates

Many of us who wear glasses for vision problems ask ourselves if Google Glass could graduate. The answer is yes. Yesterday the Mountain View announced in a post on their social network. In this way the possibility of absurd to wear glasses that give you all the information of the world world but with which you do not see three on a donkey is removed. Thank God the option of wearing that infernal conjugation of the double goggle that we sometimes see in sunny situations in some individuals too sensitive to light and without complexes, that is, sunglasses on see glasses, is also eliminated.

This is possible since Google Glass is modular and can be implemented in different glasses frames and, of course, different crystals. So that we are not calm, they show us a photo of Gregg-Priest-Dorman, a member of the team that has designed this device and a pioneer in clothing computing, carrying a prototype with these characteristics.

Google Glass graduates

They are still working on different options to improve this adaptation to prescription glasses and confirm that they will not be in the first models to go on sale, the Explorer Edition, but they will be by the end of the year. It's good news, since it would be terribly cruel to leave people with myopia, farsightedness or any other type of vision condition out of all this.

For your adaptation to sunglasses We have already seen some sample that makes us think that it is more than viable. Sergey Brin himself has been seen with a prototype like this a few months ago. Simply crimp tinted glasses to your glasses. It is these removable crystals that some models used to wear and that for this use are recovered. We cross our fingers, however, so that those glasses of photosensitive crystals that are tinted according to the intensity of the sun never appear.

Google Glass of Sun

We do not know how much the price of Google Glass can increase this type of adaptations. Its price of $ 1,500 for those first intrepid will fall a little when they finally go out to consumers, but everything that involves making them more expensive could hinder their success.

Source: Google+