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The best tricks to get the most out of the Galaxy Tab 10.1: ROMs, Kernels and applications

Los mejores trucos para sacarle máximo partido a la Galaxy Tab 10.1: ROMs, Kernels y aplicaciones

I have not written in these places for a long time because of the blessed work, but taking advantage of the fact that I have a small parenthesis and that I have acquired a Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G Courtesy of Movistar, I have encouraged myself to write a fairly extensive compilation about this terminal.

I want to start by saying that this tablet is, to my liking, the most advanced today in the market. While rivals the Asus Transformer, the quality of materials and the quality of the screen of the Galaxy encumbran it as the winner of this duel. Therefore, I will try to make those EAL readers who are like me possessors of this machine take full advantage of your potential with a compilation of the best ROMs, the best applications, wallpapers and tricks to improve performance. I hope you find it useful because I really enjoy it as a dwarf every time I get home and start to use it 🙂

1 – ROMS and Kernels

To begin, I have to say that the ROM that comes from the factory with Movistar is not bad at all. Although it is full of the happy BloatWare (software installed by the operators) that causes so much inconvenience and is so useless, it is not too heavy and decently moves that Honeycomb system so criticized and praised (more first than the second) .

Knowing this, We are free to choose a new ROM or keep the one you already have.

The obvious advantages of the new ROM and the new Kernel are that nWe usually get better performance, we get rid of all the paraphernalia of Movistar / Vodafone programs and we can even accelerate your processor until you have 40% more power… Of course, stability suffers (although really almost nothing with the ROMs that I am going to tell you) and you will LEFT lose the manufacturer's warranty; I say supposedly because it is really complicated to hang the Galaxy Tabl 10.1 and even more complicated to make it unusable. I have made a thousand doggies to mine and still holding up better than the first day. In summary, if you dare to change ROM and Kernel read on… And if not, go to point 2 because it is the same or more interesting than this;)

At this point, and seeing that you are a brave and a "echao p'alante", we have to distinguish between the versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that are in the market today: We have the Galaxy Tab 7100, 7510 and 7500. The difference lies in size and performance, being the oldest is 7100 and the

s newer and finer in size 7500 and 7510. These last two differ in that the first one has a SIM slot and 3g connection and the second one can only be connected via Wifi. Being the best sellers and the newest, we will only talk about the ROMs for the last two models.

1.1 ROMs for 7510

This model is the best selling and most widespread of the two, and therefore benefits from a much broader catalog and of some very refined and stable creations. Without a doubt, the best, most complete and with more performance is one of those created by Task650 and Phantom, developers of XDA-Developers and who have created a series of ROMs for this model that give the P7510 much more performance, More options and better graphic finish. In the part below the article you can download the call «In Paris V4«, Which is the most recommended. You also have the option to download the «Extreme Stock Experience«, From the same developers and closer to the original but improved. Finally, if the creations of Task650 and Phantom were not to your liking, the ROM «Overcome»From« AlterBridge86 »is another of the most downloaded and a safe bet.

1.2- ROMs for the 7500

In the case of the older sister of 7510, ROM performance is more even. Being a less sold model, there is less variety to choose from and they are not as successful as in the "Wifi only" model, but despite this we have two very good options. The first and not the chosen one is the "OverCome". With a touch very oriented to IceCream Sandwich and with some graphic details similar to this one, it is a stable ROM although slightly lower in performance than the one chosen by me, the «BroodComb XXKI1 V2»Of the user« SecretFile ». The latter has less similarities with IceCream but in the end it is the fastest and most stable. I have been with this version for 4 days and it has been fast, reliable and solvent … Highly recommended.

1.3- Kernel for 7510 and 7500… Or how to improve performance by 40%

Yes, it turns out that the heading of this section is not exaggerated at all … Because there is a Kernel that allows us more stability and better performance both with the 3g model of the Galaxy Tab and with the Wifi model of it. Said kernel is the of «Pershoot», and will allow us, after installing it, to use the program SetCPU (We already talked about this wonder) to accelerate our Galaxy from 1000 megahertz to 1400, increasing yield 40% without implying a rapid drop in the battery or a considerable increase in temperature … Essential, in my opinion.

2- Programs and customization

Let's start talking about ADW Launcher EX. If any of you still do not know this program, leave the EAL page immediately because you are not worthy of being among our readers. ADW Launcher is the launcher we have talked about several times, which is created by crack AnderWeb. Is lightweight, customizable, with a tremendous amount of options and the possibility of using gestures To control our desktop. If I have made a hole here, it is because the performance of the Galaxy Tab really improves significantly with the installation of this launcher. ADW Launcher EX mixed with SetCPU and the kernel and ROM above make the tablet fly and there are no slowdowns of any kind.

Despite being a very simple a priori program, it is one of the few that they have backgrounds that are truly in HD and they look like a glove on our Galaxy Tab 10.1. You can select by date, most popular, random, by category or you can even search by name. It also leaves you save the funds on the card or put them directly in the background In the way you want. As a critic, it is too repetitive with the message that there is a later version and that you vote in the Market, but it is totally usable and without limitation.