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The best alternatives to the iPad mini of the moment


The end of the iPad mini? The best alternatives

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July 16, 2017

ipad mini 4

At this point it seems already quite accepted that Manzana is determined to abandon the format of the 8 inches. What are the best options for the many users who harvested their smallest and most economical tablet and who are thinking that maybe it is time to renew it? We do a review of the best alternatives to the iPad mini what we have.

For the unconditional iOS: the new iPad 9.7

New iPad 2017 with iOS 11

If your motivation to get an iPad mini was more to enjoy a tablet Manzana more affordable and not the size itself, the clearest option you have is undoubtedly bet on the new iPad 9.7, which is actually cheaper than the latest version of the compact tablet that is still sold. Of course, compared to the iPad Pro we will miss quite a few things, but it must be said that in the ranking of the most powerful tablets We saw him stay ahead of many high-end Android tablets and, especially if ours is one of the oldest 8-inch models, we will notice quite the performance jump. It does not lack the classic virtues of the apple tablet: retina display, good autonomy, great finishes… The only downside that we always put is that the screen is not laminated, but it is only a detail that would help round the device.

New iPad 9.7: a worthy successor of the iPad mini? Video comparison

New iPad 9.7: a worthy successor of the iPad mini? Video comparison

Almost an iPad mini with Android: the Mi Pad 3

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The reality is that the user experience will be very different simply by changing the operating system, but if what we want is something as close as possible to an iPad mini, surely the best bet is the My Pad 3 and of course it is one of the best options that we will find in terms of quality / price ratio, as it can be achieved for about 250 euros (even around 200 euros, depending on the import conditions that we are willing to accept). And it must be recognized that, regardless of the importance that the issue has for us, seeing your tablet (since its first generation) it is difficult to deny the ?influence? of Manzana in your design In fact, it must be said that it seems even bad, and we are not going to have a micro-SD card slot, although it is compensated with 64 GB of internal memory.

Mi Pad 3 vs iPad mini 4: comparison