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The best alternatives to native iOS applications

The iPhone comes with a list of preinstalled applications that, while good, can be replaced by better ones. The App Store is full of third-party applications that correct Apple's limitations and we show you the best alternatives to native iOS applications.

Delete native applications

With iOS 12, you can remove the 27 native Apple applications from your phone, but be careful when doing so. Many of them form the main functionality of iOS and you can cause problems if they are removed. When you delete an integrated application from the home screen, user data and configuration files go with it, which can affect system functions or information on your Apple Watch. Since iOS-integrated applications are designed to save space, eliminating iOS-integrated applications does not free up much space on your device.

Not all applications respond in the same way. If you remove the Bag or Time apps, they disappear from the Notification Center or as Complications on your Apple Watch. If you remove the Calculator, it disappears from the Control Center, and if you have an Apple Watch, deleting an application from your iPhone also removes the application from your watch. Deleting the Contacts application leaves the contact information in the Telephone application. If you delete FaceTime, you can still make and receive FaceTime calls in Contacts and with the Phone. If you delete Apple Books, Maps, Music or Podcasts, they will not be available in CarPlay. If you delete Music, you will not be able to play the audio in your library with Apple applications or third-party applications.

To remove a native application, simply touch and hold the application icon until it moves and then press the X in the upper right corner of the icon. If you change your mind, there is no problem: Go to the App Store, find the application in question and describe it again. All native iPhone applications are free and restoring an application on your iPhone also restores it on your watch. These are just some of the main applications that we can replace with others from third parties.

Messages vs. Whatsapp

iOS native applications

WhatsApp is a free messenger application that uses the phone's Internet connection instead of your voice rate to send messages and call friends and family. Use WhatsApp instead of SMS to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos and voice messages so you don't have to pay for each message or call, even abroad. There are no subscription fees. Set up group chats with contacts to easily keep in touch with friends and family and you can also send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from your computer's browser. WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like the SMS, and integrates with your phone's existing address book. With WhatsApp, you are always connected. The application uses your address book to connect quickly and easily with your contacts that have WhatsApp, so it is not necessary to add usernames. You cannot access 911 and other emergency telephone numbers with the application.


Mail vs. Gmail

ios gmail native applications for 768x126

The official Gmail application competes with Apple mail in certain advanced and customizable features. Not only does it offer real-time notifications, support for multiple accounts and a powerful search, you can also undo the delivery, use predictive text, swipe to archive or delete, read your mail in grouped conversations, automatically complete contact names and respond to Google Calendar invitations.


Chamber vs. Camera + 2

ios camera2 720x720 native applications

Camera + 2 is one of the most advanced and complete camera applications and yet, very easy to use. The manual controls of the application allow you to select precise settings such as shutter speed, ISO and white balance through the on-screen controls. On a dual-lens iPhone, you can easily select Wide Angle or Telephoto and the controls don't have to be constantly on the screen if you don't need them. The application supports RAW for maximum editing flexibility and on dual camera devices such as the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X and more, you will enjoy Portrait mode. A Smile mode detects smiles and shoots for you, while a Stabilizer mode shoots only when your iPhone is sufficiently removed for a sharp shot. The slow shutter mode allows long exposures, even during the day, and works in conjunction with the burst and timer modes. The application editing tools are also available for all photos on your Reel.


Photos vs. Google Photos

native apps ios google photos 8 720x720

When you want to store and make backup copies of photos, Google Photos is excellent: it frees up space on your iPhone, allows you to visually search for people, places and objects and offers smart suggestions to share with family and friends. You can make backup copies of an unlimited amount of photos and videos for free up to 16 megapixels and 1080p HD in quality and access them from any device. The application facilitates secure backups so you can remove them from your device storage. Automated application features have evolved to create movies, collages, GIFs and more features from photos and provide intuitive photo and video editing tools.


Maps vs. Waze

ios waze111 720x720 native applications

With Waze, you can not only guide yourself with the car with GPS, but you know what happens on the street while driving. Even if you know the way, Waze gives you instant information about traffic, construction, police checks, accidents and other incidents that affect your trip. If traffic is dense on your route, Waze will offer you an alternative route to save you time. Play your favorite music apps, podcasts and while driving directly from Waze. The estimated time of arrival is based on live traffic data, and the application helps you find the cheapest gas along your route. If you use Apple CarPlay, Waze supports it too.