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Squish Machine is a new casual with 240 handmade levels

Squish Machine is one of those casual platforms in which we have to be very skilled and quick minded. We say it because its levels are made to think quickly and decide what are the steps to follow to finish it in the shortest time possible.

With knowing with what you will have two platforms full of skewers about to stick to each other to shred everything in between, as would be our main character, you can already get an idea of ??how the soft closing movement will indicate the time you have left, apart from reducing the movement space of our hero.

A crushing machine on your mobile

Squish machine

With this premise, Squish Machine is a fun game in which most levels have their logic to be finished. Mainly we should not waste any time, since every second lost means that we do not jump over the head of any of the enemies that are on the level, or that the space through which we can move is simply reduced.

That is, the crushing machine is closing and all the elements located in the space are closed so that we have to jump or fly over any of the enemies or the platforms. We have the ability to move left or right, and what the fly button would be.

The more we press on the fly button, more time our bug stays in the air. So we can fall on the platform with the goal flag that will end the level. But we not only have to reach that platform, but to complete the three stars means eliminating all the enemies.

240 levels await you in Squish Machine

Squish machine

That is, you have to jump over the head of those birds and then go straight to the flag platform that ends the level. Thus we will continue our journey through the 240 handmade levels by the designer of this fast and agile game for similar minds.

We also have the possibility of unlocking 28 very cute characters all of them and the possibility, provided we are able to finish the 240 levels, to access to arcade mode which allows us to go from one level to another to see our ability to endure.

Remains another mode called Time and in which we will have to be the best for the first 100 levels in the shortest possible time. A feat for fans of this casual.

A casual with a lot of pixel art and many ?beep beep?

Squish machine

In Squish Machine not missing that pixel art well carried out and which highlights the design of its main characters and those enemy birds that have their point. A dynamic title that encourages us to play again and again. And it must be said that at least we will not see advertising after the first games; that is, you can enjoy a little without those commercials.

It must be said that technically it is quite good and we highlight I take care of the design of your levels. You can also put the accent on the design of the characters and what "cuckoos" they can be. Of course, you will have to unlock them with gold that you will be getting according to complete levels. Come on, like many other casual games; don't miss Dig Out! if you want something like that casual and with many levels.

Squish Machine arrives eager to become a casual for quick games and in which we will have to be fast enough to finish the levels. Not that it is the best we have seen, but it does meet that of having a good time playing a casual with a good pixel art. You have it for free from the Google Play Store and thus try to end those more than 240 levels.