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Several free games on the Play Store that can be downloaded on offer

One of the things that is most done with the terminals Android, apart from chatting, is playing. There are many options that are currently available for phones and tablets with the development of Google. We show several free games in Play Store which can be downloaded for a limited time on offer.

All the developments that we have chosen have a cost in the case that you want to download, but now it is possible to obtain them without having to pay absolutely nothing if you are fast Since the promotions will not last long (therefore, if there is something you like, do not hesitate to try it). All the developments that we show are in the Google store have several virtues, such as its extensive compatibility with the different Android versions and, in addition, its quality is high so you will spend more time funny.

Mystery of Fortune 2 game

The best tricks to make the most of the Play Store

The free games in Play Store that we recommend and are on offer

Without more, we leave what matters most: the corresponding ones links so you can get all the developments that we think are worthwhile and that, fortunately, are on promotion in the Play Store (by the way, once you install them, something that is very simple since you have to do the usual in the Google store, you'll have pTo always own the games).

Adelita?s Revolution

Controlled action, is what this development offers in which in turn you have to finish different missions in which you will have to think very well about the steps you are going to take. With a better script than expected and pixel-art graphics, the truth is that this development is worth enjoying since it catches you.

Adelita's Revolution

Adelita's Revolution

I was rebuilt

In this free game on the Play Store it puts you in the shoes of R3B, a robot with which you will have to pass different tests and also levels to achieve what you are looking for: find your creator: Dr. Zhang. There are different types of challenges and the truth is that this is a fun job (its control is very simple).

I was rebuilt

I was rebuilt

Heroes of Hell – Clicker & Simulator Pro

You have to be able to create as many monsters as possible to kill humans that do not stop showing resistance you did not expect. A development in which a good management of resources is combined with having a correct strategy when it comes to overcoming all the challenges that appear.