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Samsung Galaxy S11 leaked images show its strange cameras



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We are already in the final stretch of 2019 and all the main flagship phones of this year have been revealed, but that does not mean that the companies are not working hard for the next range of devices. And now, a series of rendered images show the Samsung Galaxy S11 range, which is expected to come to light early next year.

If these renders are correct, then we will see some important improvements in relation to its predecessor, Galaxy S10, which include a perforation on the screen (hole punch) for the front camera in the style of Note 10. But what attracts even more attention are its redesigned rear cameras, which may arrive with five lenses. Also, 5G connectivity is expected for all models.

It is likely that the Galaxy S11 is one of the first flagship phones to launch next year, so it makes sense that we begin to have some solid leaks. In this case, these renders They come from an association between 91Mobiles and the well-known filter Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as @OnLeaks.

Differences, improvements and new features

The first difference you probably notice is the selfie camera on the screen that we mentioned. It has been placed in the center, like the Galaxy Note 10. Whether we like it or not, it seems that the central hole is Samsung's preferred option at this stage, although it is worth bearing in mind that this position may change as we get closer to the release date We assume that there is a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, since there is no other sensor that can be seen externally.

Three S11 models are expected to be presented, with huge screens. First, there is the Galaxy S11e, with a 6.3 or 6.4-inch screen. Second, the standard Galaxy S11 with a 6.7-inch screen. Finally, Samsung can also add a “Pro” model to its range, the S11 Pro, which will replace the usual “Plus model, and will come with a massive 6.9-inch screen. Each of the screens is expected to be one of Samsung Dynamic AMOLED panels.

There is not much else to see in the front, so let's analyze the back, because this is where most of the changes will be seen. Any symmetry that Samsung has added with the centered selfie camera has been removed back, with the addition of a new camera module that is on the left edge, which looks like five separate lenses on two lines. These lenses include the rumored main lens of 108 megapixels, a 5x telephoto lens and another additional camera lens.

It is also assumed that a flight time sensor is present to obtain more accurate depth data and a fifth lens that is still unknown. You can see an LED flash, along with what looks like an autofocus module with laser.

As these images are not photographs but rendered images, there is not much to say about the internal specifications. However, it is safe to bet that we will see the next generation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor: the Snapdragon 865. We also expect specifications that at least match and probably exceed the Galaxy S10 range, and that all three models have 5G variants, which will be independent of the models 4G LTE.