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Road to Hero comes to Android with its automatic combat

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero is a new title for Android what happened today of the registration prior to its launch in our country. A game that brings us the adventures of heroes to fight against the Kajin in an automatic combat that will disappoint many.

The truth is that many studies are convinced that this is the right key to bring those world famous series, but we really doubt that it is, since this game, in this case, is receiving negative reviews for it. That is embroidered the design and the technical plus the visual, but in the core or base we need something.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero and his automatic combat

Everything that happens until the fight begins It is sublime. We say it because the visual art is ten and all the anime is recreated in this game for fans of it. The same happens with the music and the design of each recess of the game, but when we get to fight with that automatic combat, our soul falls to the ground.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

And that we have the famous heroes and the powerful kaijin that by themselves they will catch thousands of players, but in the long run, even being a freemium, we were weird for more than witnessing a combat with special effects, skills and flashy battle scenes.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

Where yes what we will participate will be in choosing which of our heroes He will release his special ability, but everything stays there to continue exploring through a map that proposes a series of missions that we must complete.

A map where to explore the city

The same happens with the “innovative” city map which cites the One-Punch Man: Road to Hero page on Google Play. It is rather a map where we move our character through a series of boxes that force us to go in four directions, but without any freedom.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

At least they bring us the multiplayer to compete against other players, but as everything is almost automatic, you know what we are talking about when we are facing a freemium game in which the use of the card gives more than help and benefits to other players, while others will have to play with their life time to progress rapidly, to Decrease the speed of your progress.

We have to understand what it is, but never before has there been an economic difference in the games. We talked about a “whale” player with euros to release, will have huge facilities for other players. We don’t talk about drop 30-70 euros for a game like console, but through micropayments you can release figures that exceed 1,000 euros … Laughter.

It’s what it touches

It seems that we are going to have to resign. About all those anime fans who come looking for adventures and be partakers of them. In this nothing more than we are spectators that at some point, we press buttons for skills. For the rest, we would have liked it to be like Pokémon Masters that, although premium, at least lets you participate in something else.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

Technically we will not say anything negative, since the game is brilliantly designed wherever you look. We are left with visual art, the effects of some skills and those menus that move perfectly. The game performs perfectly, but it can be understood that given the slightest participation of the “player”, it is not complicated that it has no lag.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero arrives as another automatic RPG combat game that some anime fans will like, while others will be totally disappointed by what could have been and not ses. Anyway, it will be installed by thousands and will continue to be played by many others. If you are a fan of the series, at least try it.