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One of the best launchers is renewed to the beast with Android 9 style

One of the best launchers is renewed to the beast with Android 9 style

Personalization is one of the features we like most about Android. With each new system version, developers are committed to renewed functions to adapt to the new Android style. Action Launcher has decided to make a renewal of the beast with new animations and functions that reposition it as one of the best home screens you can buy.

Pixel-style Action Launcher is even better

Since its inception, Action Launcher has been positioned as one of the best home screens we had on Android with Nova Launcher. With the arrival of Android 9 Pie, Action Launcher wanted to make a renovation in style. Of course, improvements that will be available to all.

After installing the new Action Launcher beta, I was delighted. The animation that opens and closes the app drawer is spectacular. It is based on the style of the Android 9 Pie animations, which without necessarily being faster, give a better feeling of fluidity, making them feel more alive.

On the Action Launcher website itself they have detailed the novelties of the new beta version of this fantastic launcher: we summarize the most important ones that you should consider if you want to go to this Launcher:

  • Android 9 Pie style adaptation, at the level of animations and color of the themes.
  • Full review of customization settings.
  • The search is added to the settings, allowing its modification.
  • Improvements to the infinite scroll in desktops and dock.
  • The color theme for any window or background adapts depending on our desktop background.
  • The desktop shortcuts can now be sorted alphabetically.

All these news are available in the latest beta version of Action Launcher, which you can get in two ways:

  1. By signing up for the betas channel on Google Play.
  2. Installing the application independently on websites such as APKMirror.

As we always tell you, you should be careful, since Beta versions usually contain errors. In the case of this new version of Action Launcher I anticipate that I have received several crashes in the application itself when modifying settings, So I recommend waiting.

Of course, I have not lacked time to buy the Pro version, despite the errors.